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23.82 Million Viewers for 2016 Rio Olympics on NBC Tuesday in Prime

NBC More Than Triples the Competing Networks in Adults 18-49


What follows are the fast affiliate results for Tuesday, August 16 broken out by network and by each half-hour:

-Total Viewers:
NBC: 23.82 million, CBS: 4.83, ABC: 2.77, Fox: 1.20, CW: 777,000

-Adults 18-49:

NBC: 6.8 rating/24 share, ABC: 0.8/ 3, CBS: 0.7/ 2, Fox: 0.4/ 1, CW: 0.3/ 1


8:00 p.m.
ABC – Bachelor in Paradise
Viewers: 4.56 million (#3), A18-49: 1.3/ 5 (#2)

Viewers: 6.37 million (#2), A18-49: 0.7/ 3 (#3)

NBC – Rio Olympics 2016
Viewers: 17.96 million (#1), A18-49: 4.6/18 (#1)

Fox – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (R)
Viewers: 1.28 million (#4), A18-49: 0.4/ 2 (#4)

CW – The Flash (R)
Viewers: 951,000 (#5), A18-49: 0.3/ 1 (#5)


8:30 p.m.

ABC – Bachelor in Paradise
Viewers: 4.08 million (#3), A18-49: 1.2/ 4 (#2)

Viewers: 6.67 million (#2), A18-49: 0.8/ 3 (#3)

NBC – Rio Olympics 2016
Viewers: 21.28 million (#1), A18-49: 5.9/22 (#1)

Fox – New Girl (R)
Viewers: 921,000 (#4), A18-49: 0.3/ 1 (#4t)

CW – The Flash (R)
Viewers: 879,000 (#5), A18-49: 0.3/ 1 (#4t)


9:00 p.m.

ABC – Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise
Viewers: 2.86 million (#3), A18-49: 0.7/ 3 (#2t)

CBS – Zoo
Viewers: 4.27 million (#2), A18-49: 0.7/ 3 (#2t)

NBC – Rio Olympics 2016
Viewers: 25.06 million (#2), A18-49: 7.0/24 (#1)

Fox – Lucifer (R)
Viewers: 1.22 million (#4), A18-49: 0.3/ 1 (#4t)

CW – MadTV (R)
Viewers: 655,000 (#5), A18-49: 0.3/ 1 (#4t))


9:30 p.m.

ABC – Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise
Viewers: 2.30 million (#3), A18-49: 0.5/ 2 (#3)

CBS – Zoo
Viewers: 3.91 million (#2), A18-49: 0.7/ 2 (#2)

NBC – Rio Olympics 2016
Viewers: 26.23 million (#2), A18-49: 7.5/245 (#1)

Fox – Lucifer (R)
Viewers: 1.36 million (#4), A18-49: 0.3/ 1 (#4)

CW – MadTV (R)
Viewers: 625,000 (#5), A18-49: 0.2/ 1 (#5)


10:00 p.m.

ABC – The Middle (R)
Viewers: 1.51 million (#3), A18-49: 0.4/ 1 (#3)

CBS – NCIS: New Orleans (R)
Viewers: 3.91 million (#2), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#2)

NBC – Rio Olympics 2016
Viewers: 25.51 million (#1), A18-49: 7.6/26 (#1)


10:30 p.m.

ABC – black-ish (R)
Viewers: 1.32 million (#3), A18-49: 0.3/ 1 (#3)

CBS – NCIS: New Orleans (R)
Viewers: 3.85 million (#2), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#2)

NBC – Rio Olympics 2016
Viewers: 26/86 million (#1), A18-49: 7.9/28 (#1)

Source: Nielsen Media Research

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

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    ABC Tuesday Prime (8-11pm – 2.8 million and 0.8/3 in AD18-49):
    ABC earned second place on Tuesday to an Olympics-fueled NBC among Adults 18-49 (0.8/3) with a 14% increase over the year-ago night.

    · For the 2nd night in a row, ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise was TV’s #1 non-sports telecast among Adults 18-49.

    Bachelor in Paradise (8-9pm – 4.3 million and 1.3/5 in AD18-49):
    From 8-9pm, ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise built week to week by 10% in Total Viewers (4.3 million vs. 3.9 million) and 18% in Adults 18-49 (1.3/5 vs. 1.1/4).

    After Paradise (9-10pm – 2.6 million and 0.6/2 in AD18-49):
    Like its lead-in at 9pm, ABC’s After Paradise increased week to week in Total Viewers (+4% – 2.6 million vs. 2.4 million) and Adults 18-49 (+20% – 0.6/2 vs. 0.5/2).


    NBC Olympics’ Tuesday Overnight Notes

    NBC’s Tuesday night Olympic coverage, featuring gymnastics, track & field, and beach volleyball, posted a 16.6/27 in metered-market households

    Also in primetime: NBCSN posted 0.90 overnight (7 p.m.-midnight ET) for live multi-sport coverage

    The final day of gymnastics competition delivered 554,000 unique users on & NBC Sports app, making it the top Tuesday Rio event

    NBC’s Tuesday primetime in metered-market household average from 8-11 p.m. ET (16.6) more than doubled the combined total of ABC, CBS and Fox (6.1)

    NBC’s Tuesday primetime 8.2 rating among adults 18-49 is more than 4 times the combined rating of the other Big 4 nets (1.8)

    Top local markets for NBC Olympics Tues. night: Salt Lake 20.5/39; Denver 19.8/38; Austin 19.5/35; Columbus 18.7/31; Richmond 18.2/30

    Locals for NBC Olympics Tues. night (#6-10): Minny 18.1/33; Ft. Myers 17.8/29; Wash DC 17.7/34; San Diego 17.3/34; Indy 17.1/30

  3. Now that gymnastics and swimming is over, I wonder if we’ll see a drop in ratings. There’s not a lot of compelling events left.

    • I predicted last week that after Tuesday we’re likely to start seeing a drop but it won’t be that massive like in past years because track & field has done way better than I expected and the coverage is different this year as they’ve had to carry the first two hours of the game so I don’t expect to see a major change there plus you still got Usain Bolt as well in action I believe at least twice. So over the next four nights you should see a decline but probably still around 20 million or below it during the weekend then a huge rise for the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday.

      I honestly wish they could introduce a sport that airs in other hours during these last few days to primetime viewers.

  4. Got a slight uptick from the night before and great growth in viewership from the start of the night through late night hours as I predicted before women’s gymnastics would keep the ratings around 25 million viewers or over that through the last night. The change seems to be that track & field is honestly doing better than I expected especially since the coverage is slightly different this year with it being live and track & field has had to carry the first couple of hours of the night this year. The ratings have gotten up to a decent level like in the 9pm hour but there was draws like gymnastics anticipated by viewers in that 10pm hour so it will be interesting to see if they can carry the night again but they will have Usain Bolt in action so I don’t expect major slippage but there will still be a decline in there somewhere.

    I’ve enjoyed women’s gymnastics this year and sad to see it go as I’ve enjoyed this Final Five team way more than the Fierce Five team from 4 years ago with the only difference being that I loved McKayla Maroney from that team but this Final Five team is much more likable and not overhyped like that team was. This team also gets results and they were dominate in every area. What a team this was and I expect that Simone and Laurie will carry that next team into 2020. Aly is interesting because I think she gets better with age and she could be apart of that team too. They will only have four girls next time instead of five so that only leaves last spot open and they will have a new coach by then with Marta done after these games here. It will be interesting no doubt about it.

    I would like to see maybe in the future NBC get the primetime viewers introduced to another sport like they did with beach volleyball in the past decade. The Olympics should turn skateboarding into an Olympic sport so viewers can get exposed to Nyjah Huston while he’s in his prime and dominating his sport.