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‘Beyond the Tank’ Cannot Solve ABC’s Tuesday 10 p.m. Time Period Woes

Modest 6.3 Million Viewers for 'Heartbeat' Preview on NBC

What follows are the fast affiliate results for Tuesday, March 22 broken out by network and by each half-hour. Keep in mind that these ratings are time period based.

-Total Viewers:

CBS: 11.83 million, NBC: 6.97, ABC: 3.14, CW: 2.14, Fox: 1.61

-Adults 18-49:

CBS: 1.7 rating/6 share, NBC: 1.5/ 5, ABC: 0.9/ 3, CW: 0.8/ 3, Fox: 0.6/ 2


8:00 p.m.

ABC – Fresh Off the Boat
Viewers: 4.60 million (#3), A18-49: 1.2/ 5 (#3)

Viewers: 15.32 million (#1), A18-49: 2.0/ 8 (#2)

NBC – The Voice
Viewers: 9.95 million (#2), A18-49: 2.2/ 8 (#1)

Fox – New Girl
Viewers: 2.28 million (#5), A18-49: 1.0/ 4 (#5)

CW – The Flash
Viewers: 2.98 million (#4), A18-49: 1.1/ 4 (#4)


8:30 p.m.

ABC – The Real O’Neals
Viewers: 3.82 million (#3), A18-49: 1.0/ 4 (#4)

Viewers: 15.86 million (#1), A18-49: 2.0/ 7 (#2)

NBC – The Voice
Viewers: 11.13 million (#2), A18-49: 2.6/ 9 (#1)

Fox – Grandfathered (R)
Viewers: 1.32 million (#5), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#5)

CW – The Flash
Viewers: 3.02 million (#4), A18-49: 1.1/ 4 (#3)


9:00 p.m.

ABC – Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
Viewers: 3.11 million (#3), A18-49: 0.9/ 3 (#3)

CBS – NCIS: New Orleans
Viewers: 13.51 million (#1), A18-49: 1.8/ 6 (#1)

NBC – Heartbeat (series premiere / preview)
Viewers: 6.83 million (#2), A18-49: 1.5/ 5 (#2)

Fox – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (R)
Viewers: 1.46 million (#4), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#4)

CW – iZombie
Viewers: 1.35 million (#5), A18-49: 0.5/ 2 (#5)


9:30 p.m.

ABC – Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD
Viewers: 2.71 million (#3), A18-49: 0.8/ 3 (#3)

CBS – NCIS: New Orleans
Viewers: 12.70 million (#1), A18-49: 1.7/ 6 (#1)

NBC – Heartbeat (series premiere / preview)
Viewers: 5.85 million (#2), A18-49: 1.3/ 4 (#2)

Fox – The Grinder (R)
Viewers: 1.37 million (#4), A18-49: 0.4/ 1 (#4t)

CW – iZombie
Viewers: 1.19 million (#5), A18-49: 0.4/ 1 (#4t)


10:00 p.m.

ABC – Beyond the Tank (time period premiere)
Viewers: 2.33 million (#3), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#3)

CBS – Limitless
Viewers: 7.20 million (#1), A18-49: 1.4/ 5 (#1)

NBC – Chicago Fire (R)
Viewers: 4.21 million (#2), A18-49: 0.9/ 3 (#2)


10:30 p.m.

ABC – Beyond the Tank (time period premiere)
Viewers: 2.25 million (#3), A18-49: 0.6/ 2 (#3)

CBS – Limitless
Viewers: 6.37 million (#1), A18-49: 1.2/ 4 (#1)

NBC – Chicago Fire (R)
Viewers: 3.84 million (#2), A18-49: 0.8/ 3 (#2)

Source: Nielsen Media Research

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman has been writing professionally since 1999 and is the author of weekly column “Mr. Television” for Campaign US ( Most recently, Berman was the creator and Editor-in-Chief of website and newsletter TV Media Insights for Cross MediaWorks. From 1999-2011, he was the Senior Editor for Mediaweek and has also written for The New York Daily News, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Emmy Magazine, among others. Berman has also appeared on “Entertainment Tonight,” “Extra,” “Access Hollywood,” “Inside Edition,” “The CBS Evening News,” E!, CNN, CNBC, Fox News and MSNBC.

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    CBS Tuesday Live + Same Day Highlights




    UP +10% IN VIEWERS AND +13% IN A18-49


    PROGRAM IN A18-49


    · At 8:00 PM, NCIS was first in viewers (15.59m, up +3% from 15.10m) and averaged 2.0 in A18-49 (nc) and 3.1 in A25-54 (nc). NCIS was Tuesday’s most watched program and highest rated scripted broadcast in A18-49.

    · At 9:00 PM, NCIS: NEW ORLEANS was first in viewers (13.11m, up +10% from 11.97m), A18-49 (1.8, up +13% from 1.6) and A25-54 (2.7, up +13% from 2.4).

    · At 10:00 PM, LIMITLESS was first in viewers (6.79m, up +21% from 5.63m), A18-49 (1.3, up +18% from 1.1) and A25-54 (1.8, up +20% from 1.5). LIMITLESS delivered its largest audience since Jan. 5 and highest A18-49 rating since Feb. 9.

    · For the night, CBS was first in viewers (11.83m), A18-49 (1.7) and A25-54 (2.5).


    Fresh Off the Boat (8-8:30pm – 4.6 million and 1.2/5 in AD18-49): At 8pm, ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat was up week to week (+12%/+9%) and defeated Fox’s New Girl by best-yet margins of 2.3 million viewers (4.6 million vs. 2.3 million) and by 20% in Adults 18-49 (1.2/5 vs. 1.0/4) to rank as the #1 Tuesday comedy for the 3rd week in row. In fact Fresh Off the Boat has been the most watched Tuesday night comedy on every original telecast so far in 2016.

    The Real O’Neals (8:30-9pm – 3.8 million and 1.0/4 in AD18-49): Continuing to deliver strong retention at 8:30pm with young adults (91%), The Real O’Neals was up in Total Viewers (+9% – 3.8 million vs. 3.5 million) and was even week to week with Adults 18-49 (1.0/4). In addition, the new ABC comedy spiked over the prior week by 60% in Teens 12-17 and by 50% with Kids 2-11 to deliver its best number on the night.

    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (9-10pm – 2.9 million and 0.9/3 in AD18-49): Opposite the debut of NBC’s The Voice-led Heartbeat and an original of CBS’ NCIS: NO at 9pm, ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. held even week to week in Total Viewers (2.9 million) and was steady in Adults 18-49 (0.9/4 vs. 1.0/3). The ABC drama beat NBC’s drama debut in the hour by 20% in Men 18-34. L+3 Playback for Last Week: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. jumped +60% over its L+SD Adult 18-49 rating (from a 1.1 to a 1.6 in L+3).

    Beyond the Tank (10-11pm – 2.3 million and 0.6/2 in AD18-49): In the 10pm hour, ABC’s Beyond the Tank improved its time period week to week by 20% in Adults 18-49 (0.6/2 vs. 0.5/2).

  3. The problem for ABC in this slot is the 9pm show. Agents of Shield doesn’t fit the ABC brand and therefore nothing’s going to work after it. Shield should be the 10pm show here. You know, they had a decent performer in Forever last year that had made some nice year to year gains for them. Why that wasn’t left here or soon to depart Castle shipped over from Monday’s where it wastes the DWTS lead in remains a mystery. Some advice for ABC next fall: Shield, OUAT, and whatever other fading performer you bring back should just fill Sunday’s. Maybe Castles that show or Nashville or cheap anthology shows. Then plop How to Get Away with Murder in the Tuesday 10pm slot after a 2 hour comedy block. CBS’s Limitless is a joke and Chicago Fire isn’t a monster hit. If the Catch catches on, Thursday’s are filled, and new dramas can air after the successful Wed comedy block and DWTS on Monday. I’d leave Friday as is for now. It’s working and it’s competitive. I think that all the current comedies should return but they would be wise to rearrange the Tuesday and Wednesday comedies so the strongest comedies (The Middle, Modern Family) lead into new product. In fact, I’d test the Goldbergs into Real O’Neals into Blackish and FOTB on Tuesdays. I think that could flow well for them and make nice year to year gains plus gives HTGAWM a more diverse lead in.

    • I loved Forever! I was bummed they canned it in favor of shows that are now doing WORSE than Forever ever did

    • Agent of Shield doesn’t fit anybody’s brand, except perhaps CW whose brand is “Flops ‘R Us”.

      The single-minded determination of Disney’s brass to pretend its Marvel shows are hits is amazing.

      The fact the media isn’t laughing them off is tragic.

  4. Heartbreaker is easily one of the worst medical dramas ever made, NBC should’ve burned this loser off in the summer or never let it had seen the light of day by picking it up. It was already a complete guarantee that Chicago Med was going to work for them so they didn’t need Heartbreaker. It worked out for NBC that Heartbreaker didn’t debut before Chicago Med. The good news for NBC is that the lethal combo of Chicago Med and Fire finally return back behind The Voice where they reached series-highs back in December.

    NCIS still a beast as it amazes me how Limitless with no competition this week can squander that much of NCIS: NOLA’s lead-in yet CBS wanted to cancel POI.

    All of the comedies on Tuesday are rating so low and all of them need to be removed from television.

      • Yeah nobody really likes it and the poll is pretty accurate with how people think about it and the ratings look accurate as well.

    • I’m sure Melissa George is a nice lady but I can’t stand nearly any project she appears in. I attribute this from her story arc on the third season of Alias that was very disappointing.

      From years of watching better medical dramas like ER, House and even Grey’s Anatomy early on, Heartbeat seems to borrow from everyone of them and does their own version at a lower level.

      • If you like medical dramas I highly recommend St. Elsewhere and Chicago Hope. 🙂

        Hey, that’s a show with Chicago in the title for Hello Larry! 😉 😀

      • Melissa George is a good actor but I don’t like her projects either especially the ones she joins in she usually doesn’t do too well when she joins casts of already established shows. The only series that I really liked Melissa in was Hunted and that’s it.

        Heartbreaker is bad not only because of her but because the show is written poorly as well. I noticed Heartbreaker stealing those concepts from those medical shows. Chicago Med was different to me because it felt more like the other two Chicago shows than a rip-off of something although it feels like ER at times but I don’t mind shows ripping concepts from other shows off just do it right but when you do it wrong like Heartbreaker did its gotta go.

    • Totally agree with you on Limitless. It was a really awful idea that paid off accordingly.

      Heartbreaker had perhaps the worst poster I’ve ever seen (yes, worse than American Crime or Smith!) It was creepy as could be (I’m guessing they were going for their beloved fake-edgy!)

      • Thanks and Limitless and shows based on movies should not be made so expect Rush Hour to fail too on Thursdays this spring.

        Heartbreaker was absolute crap I didn’t think any medical could be worse than Code Black but Heartbreaker managed to somehow do that and its ratings atrocious.

        • At this point, I think it’s not just me and when people hear “based on the movie” they just don’t want to tune in.

          At least the poster to Heartland warned people away… 😉

          In the case of Limitless, it wasn’t a hit (at least other than in the juked-up BO numbers) and nobody talked about it.

          There was no appetite to see more.

          • Limitless the movie wasn’t even that popular itself so I already knew the show would fail plus CBS can’t support 10pm shows anymore except for Blue Bloods which was already established.

            I don’t know anybody personally who actually watched Limitless.

            Can’t wait to see Rush Hour fail on them as well.

            I’m glad Heartbreaker failed, crap like that doesn’t deserve decent ratings.

            • I keep hoping that at some point the sheer number of flops will force the owners to clean house and bring executives with a background in film making (boy was I disappointed to see that Bob Greenblatt had been credited as a producer but clearly was not the creative force behind the shows he produced…)

              10pm used to be the highest-rated slot on TV with ER.

              It’s amazing to me that we are now supposed to believe Americans go to bed earlier and won’t watch TV at 10pm…

              I’m also expecting rush hour to fail. speaking of which do you remember Martial Law, which started as a very cool crime drama with an unlikely main character, then was retooled and made boring, then was retooled and made like a boring version of Rush hour with the addition of Arsenio Hall?

              I agree on Limitless. Apart from those always highly unreliable box-office numbers, there was no reason to think there was any appetite for more of the same, and it’s the type of premise that is perfect for a movie and hard to work for a TV show.

              More generally, I think that now audiences see “remake” and don’t bother to try.

  5. I don’t see Heartbreaker lasting. Imagine it not having the Voice lead in and it would likely sink. I’d just keep it safe and stick with Chicago Med at this point. They already have Chicago Law in development now.

    Apparently ABC is planning another SHIELD spinoff with two of the regulars being on that show. I don’t know how well that will do seeing as SHIELD doesn’t put up the best numbers in the world like Agent Carter did.

    • It’s meant to demonstrate that Agent of FLOP is really a hit as you don’t do two spinoffs of a flop, do you?

      Disney/ABC does, that’s who!! 🙁

  6. The spinoff of a low-rated show isn’t the solution.

    I’m shocked!!! Just shocked!!!

    That was so unpredictable!!!

    I mean really, they actually expected a different result?!

    ABC must be so happy to have one more year of Agent of FLOP. That Marvel acquisition just keeps on paying off. Too bad those ugly Nielsens don’t cooperate with the story…

    Hideous numbers for Flop Girl and the FOX lineup of Doom.

    Low tide for NCIS, but still so much higher than everything else… Says a lot about everything else…