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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spin-off ‘Station 19’ Premieres on ABC

'Portlandia' Concludes Its Series Run on IFC

Thursday, March 22, 2018

8:00 p.m. “Grey’s Anatomy”
9:00 p.m. “Station 19” (series premiere, two hours)

8:00 p.m. 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament

8:00 p.m. “Superstore”
8:30 p.m. “A.P. Bio”
9:00 p.m. “Chicago Fire”
10:00 p.m. “Chicago Fire”

8:00 p.m. “Gotham”
9:00 p.m. “Showtime at the Apollo”

8:00 p.m. “Supernatural”
9:00 p.m. “Arrow” (R)

8:00 p.m. “This Old House Hour” (R)
9:00 p.m. “WWII Megaweapons” (R
10:00 p.m. “Antiques Roadshow” (R)

Of Note on Cable:

-“Beyond” (Freeform, 8 p.m. ET): season finale
-“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” (MTV, 8 p.m. ET)
-“RuPaul’s Drag Race” (VH1, 9 p.m. ET): season premiere
-“Braxton Family Values” (WE, 10 p.m. ET): season premiere
-“60 Days In” (A+E, 10 p.m. ET): season finale
-“Hustle & Soul” (WE, 10 p.m. ET): season premiere
-“Portlandia” (IFC, 10 p.m. ET): series finale

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

Marc Berman has been writing professionally since 1999 and is the author of the “Mr. Television” for Campaign US ( Most recently, Berman was the creator and Editor-in-Chief of website and newsletter TV Media Insights for Cross MediaWorks. From 1999-2011, he was the Senior Editor for Mediaweek and has also written for The New York Daily News, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Emmy Magazine, among others. Berman has also appeared on “Entertainment Tonight,” “Extra,” “Access Hollywood,” “Inside Edition,” “The CBS Evening News,” E!, CNN, CNBC, Fox News and MSNBC.

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  1. Superstore
    So, I received an email about my directv bill yesterday. It increased from $64 to $94. That was just the incentive I needed to cut the cable. So, I called them and they asked if I would stay if they took $60/month off my bill for a year? So, I’ve been drawn back in! EGAD. If they can make a profit off me at this fee, why do we have to play these stupid games? I am committed to pulling back on my Network/Cable viewing to watch more programs I’m interested in on Netflix and Amazon. Hold me to it!!! Then, in a year, when they do this to me again, maybe I’ll be firmer in my resolve to cut the cable!