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Monday Overnights: Four Series Conclude for the Season (or Series)

'Superstore' on NBC is a Shoo-In to Return; 'The X-Files' Prognosis Also Positive on Fox


Household Rating/Share
CBS: 5.5 rating/9 share, ABC: 5.4/ 8, Fox: 4.1/ 6, NBC: 2.6/ 4, CW: 0.7/ 1

Percent Change From the Year-Ago Week:
Fox: +14, ABC: – 8, CBS: -11, CW: -22, NBC: -62

Ratings Breakdown:
CBS, which inched past ABC by one-tenth of a rating point, had nothing unusual to report in the household overnights with its combination of “Supergirl” (#3: 4.6 rating/7 share), sophomore “Scorpion” (#1 for the night: 6.4/10) and “NCIS: Los Angeles” (#1: 5.6/ 9). While “Supergirl” is not necessarily the hit CBS was hoping for, the younger audience skew is definitely beneficial and chances of a second season renewal are likely.

ABC, meanwhile, scored a solid 6.1/ 9 in the household overnights for “The Bachelor” from 8-10 p.m., which increased by 22 percent from last week (where it competed with “The Grammy Awards” on CBS). “The Bachelor” should be more than enough to lift ABC to victory for the night in adults 18-49 (and the other key young adult demographics). But a 3.8/ 7 for older-skewing lead-out “Castle” (#2) at 10 p.m. is another reason why this should be its final season.

There were four season (or series) finales last night. Worthy NBC sitcom “Superstore” scored a typical 3.2/ 5 (#4) at 8 p.m., which speaking from a quality standpoint is a virtual guarantee of a second season renewal. But lead-out “Telenovela,” which has been short on chuckles all season, dropped to a 2.1/ 3 at 8:30 p.m. (#4) and is unlikely to return. Next was the two-hour season-ender of “The Biggest Loser,” which at a 2.6/ 4 from 9-11 p.m. is really in need of a rest. For more on why “Superstore” deserves a second season, click here.

Next week, NBC will feature the returns of “The Voice” and “Blindspot.”

The final season finale from last night, which will likely result in a series pick-up if David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson agree to return, was Fox’s “The X-Files” at a consistent 4.9/ 7 from 8-9 p.m., which should result in another positive performance in the young adult demos. Recently introduced “Lucifer” followed with a 3.2/ 5 from 9-10 p.m., which was 35 percent below lead-in “The X-Files” and equal to last week. Next week, “Gotham” returns on Fox at 8 p.m. into “Lucifer.”

Last, and very least, was The CW’s pairing of the comically themed (but perennially ratings challenged) “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Jane the Virgin” each at a 0.7/ 1. An idea for The CW next season might be to have the pair share the Monday 9 p.m. hour out of proposed new drama “Riverdale,” which is based on the Archie comic book characters. What do you think? (post any comments below).

Source: Nielsen Media Research

Written by Marc Berman

Marc Berman

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  1. Supergirl is also a guarantee to be renewed right ? Mondays 8pm competition is fierce probably the most competitive hour of the week i would say and Supergirl manages to perform great

      • Good to hear 🙂 something worth noting is SG only lost 0.4 in HH from last time while Scorpion lost 0.8 and NCIS LA lost 0.6. And SG was the one up against stronger competition with X-Files finale. So not bad at all

  2. Marc, I realize those ratings are good–for a regular network primetime series. Not great. But okay. In this present-day situation where network primetime is dying a slow painful death.


    It was a six episode miniseries. They can call it season ten. They can call it The Lost Ark of the Covenant, if they want. But that’s what it was. A special event limited series. That ended on a cliffhanger. That both critics and fans are ripping to pieces online as I type this.

    It was the very definition of bad television. Bad on every possible level.

    So FOX has to ask–what would the ratings be like if they lured Duchovny & Anderson back? A lot of people simply would not return, because it wouldn’t be a special event anymore. Nostalgia and curiosity were what drove the ratings, and they would be gone. And the illusion that THIS TIME Carter would finally resolve anything–gone. He never would. He can’t. This is all he’s got. He never wants to end it. It would be career suicide.

    Duchovny is the lead on Aquarius. A show on another network. I see no reason why they’d led him go, even if he wanted to be let go, because this mini starring him was great free promotion for their show. Duchovny can’t commit to another fulltime series unless that series gets canceled. Which it might or might not, but we’re talking some time from now.

    Anderson lives in England. She has many times said she never wants to be the lead in a regular series ever again.

    So we’re talking a whole lot of money to get them both back. For a show that would probably be dead after one season. Like Knight Rider 2.0 Like Dallas 2.0. Like Bionic Woman 2.0–and etc. This never works, except as a special event thing. Once it becomes regular programming, it dies.

    So another miniseries, sure. But we’re talking a while from now. And we’re talking much lower ratings. And we’re talking yet another stupid cliffhanger. And Chris Carter is a royal pain in the butt to work with.

    They should seriously considering letting it go, and maybe rebooting after a few years. Good market research. The interest in this franchise is still out there. But the original players just can’t cut it anymore.

    • I think Duchovny could probably do both considering the short episode order renewal expected for The X-Files. And I have no clue why NBC would even move forward with a second season of Aquarius.

      • Every review of the finale I’ve seen has been scathing–not merely unenthused. ANGRY. People had forgotten how much of a cheat Carter can be. How much this show can get your hopes up and then dash them to the ground. It’s an old but trusty cliche that time can make you forget the bad things in a relationship. The good feelings engendered by the old series at its best temporarily made people forget how awful it was most of the time in the later seasons, and how stupid the series finale was. But not as stupid as this ‘season’ finale. Not by half.

        Ratings don’t tell the whole story, Marc. Sometimes people are watching just out of a certain trainwreck fascination–how bad can it get? Now we know.

        They shouldn’t bring it back. If they do, they’ll be sorry.

        • Since I have never been a fan of The X-Files,” I can’t comment from the quality of these new episodes. Does anyone else want to chime in?

          • Yeah i have been disappoint there was 2 really good episodes. 2 good and 2 awful so a bit disappointed but we need another season with that open ending

            • But you’d just get another open ending. Carter’s not even being coy about it. He’s basically saying every ‘season’ would end on a cliffhanger. No resolution, ever. Not even temporary resolution.

            • Totally agree, although I have yet to watch the finale. I’m disappointed to read now that it was left with a cliff hanger, but what else is new? Not surprised. But, what was the point of a 6-eps mini series if all episodes were not to be focused on the mythology, cigar smoking man, big conspiracy, etc.? That I could have seen for six eps, but a green lizard guy episode, seriously? Disappointing to say the least!

        • The live ratings have been (in this day and age) solid, but not spectacular. However, X Files seems like a show that would get big DVR/on demand, etc ratings. Marc, are the L+3 or 7 ratings gains as big as I think?

      • X-files is such a good show in general, I would definitely continue watching. It was so easy to get back into the show, felt like it was never off the air. Compared to what fox has to offer, it’s the only show I tune in for other than Sleepy Hollow, which is starting to stack on my DVR.

  3. That’s great for The X Files. I’ve heard some angry people (basically people who have no patience to wait for the outcome, which has nothing to do with how good an episode was), but they have been in the minority that I’ve seen. It was one of the most gripping finales they have done. One thing we know for certain is that Pisher will still be here years from now raining on everything positive.

    • It might well be years from now before there’s anything else to rain on, but one thing we know for sure–the overwhelming reaction to last night’s finale was hate. Maybe we’re alone in the universe, but I’m sure not alone on the internet, so why bother to pretend I’m some kind of alien? 🙂

  4. In what might be an indication for next season, NBC played a promo during the James Burrows special, touting “comedy on NBC.” They featured clips or shots from Superstore, SNL, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Crowded, Carmichael, and Telenovela… however no sign of Undateable anywhere!

    Is there any chance that Telenovela comes back, but not Undateable? That would be interesting.

    • Last season at this time NBC was really pushing Undateable. Now, it seems to have forgotten about it and is really focused on Superstore. But I have to give the network credit in moving in the right direction.

    • I’m glad you brought that to our attention because I did not get a chance to watch the James Burrows special but I’m personally not putting too much stock into that promo because I don’t see them bringing Telenovela back especially if Carmichael and Crowded do decently. Telenovela is going to have to compete against the new comedies coming out next year as well and NBC is limited with comedy space on the roster and Telenovela is doing like Truth Be Told numbers lately and we know what happened to that show and that’s a show airing on a Friday night and same thing with Undateable which was putting up consistent performances on a Friday.

      I’m not sure what NBC is going to do with Undateable just yet as it may come down to that Warner Bros. package again with Laura but that promo would’ve told me nothing because I think it had more to do with the comedies that are either currently on the air or coming on the air for the spring and Undateable is already done for the season so there’s no point in promoting Undateable right now as it won’t return until next season if they bring it back.

      • I guess my feeling was that based on the promo, NBC thinks that Telenovela has a chance of returning and Undateable is history. Although based on last night’s season finale, I would think that Telenovela’s chances of returning are slim (unless it’s NBC owned?)

        • It was a good feeling to have but for me it meant absolutely nothing because had they ran that same promo next week when Telenovela’s season was done I don’t think Telenoleva would’ve been in the promo because they still had to promote last night’s episode.

          I don’t see either comedy returning honestly at this point but I’d give Undateable a bigger shot because it’s cheaper than Telenovela too. Telenovela looks expensive and has an expensive actress in Eva Longoria and those finale numbers aren’t going to cut it.

          NBC owns the show too so even though they can make money off of it in syndication they have to pay for the production costs and actor’s salaries which is why I can see it getting axed. NBC is likely going to just focus on Superstore, Carmichael, and Crowded going forward for the shows they own in-house.

          I don’t see them bringing back all 4 of their in-house comedies for next season so they will bring back either 2 or 3 of them. Superstore is the #1 lock for now then it’s between Carmichael and Crowded for the 2nd renewal spot and Crowded may have to do pretty good honestly in order to get renewed as the third show as it doesn’t have the direct lead-in out of Little Big Shots. If Carmichael and Crowded both fail then that’s the only way I see Telenovela coming back but again it depends on the development slate as well.