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Mozilla’s Firefox Reality Browser is Where VR Meets the Web

Recently there has been a buzz on Mozilla creating a new web browser. Mozilla is the non-profit organization that developed the Firefox web browser. However, as per the latest updates from Mozilla reported this Tuesday, the new browser will not run on the desktops in a traditional manner. Instead, it has been designed to work with the new VR and AR headsets. Referred to as the Firefox Reality, the technology seeks to bring computer images even closer to your brains. As described by Mozilla, this will immerse you in a virtual world and is set to be launched in summer 2018.

Lately, innovations in technology have lent much entertainment and efficient service to the internet gaming industry with online and mobile casino UK. With the VR casinos and well-developed video slots, avid gamblers can experience the same magic and thrill on the online platform akin to that experienced at a brick and mortar casino. The 3D environment with live dealers where players can interact with dealers and fellow players makes such VR friendly web browsers much valuable.

The latest from Mozilla is a futuristic one that will allow interaction with computers through the headwear. Tech giants from the industry such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook and several start-ups have been combating for a niche in the emerging industry. Enormous amounts of money have been already spent on research and development to build a range of headsets and other technology that is believed to dynamically changed the way you use computers.

The Positioning of the VR Web

As indicated by Mozilla, the new Firefox Reality browser could address some content issues faced by VRs. The pioneer VR technology named Web VR that allows web developers build content compatible with any VR device was helped by Mozilla. Today, they are working on augmented reality as well. If you enjoy online gaming, then the concept of virtual reality may not be new to you. Popular UK mobile casinos are planning to host a plethora of mobile casino games and slots that support VR and AR gears to provide maximum entertainment to its players. Casino operators, as well as gaming enthusiasts, look for software and browsers that smoothly run their games and provide players with a seamless experience. Hopefully, the FireFox Reality will bring a new dimension to this platform as well. Currently, “WebVR” content is limited to the use of its gear within the VR gaming community. However, it has been exploring the scope of expanding further, especially to include a social platform that enables three-dimensional content experiences on the internet.

Limitations of the New Browser

The latest developed by Mozilla may not support all VR devices. It is designed to work with headsets such as HTC Vive Focus, Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream. The preview versions of the software will soon be made available with the official launch anticipated within a couple of months. Mozilla vouches that the Firefox Reality “will be fast” and they may have to go against a couple of built-in browsers to make space for its latest browser.

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