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10 Best Finance Courses Offered Online

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Today, many people, especially the youth, lack even the most basic money management skills. As a result, they often face problems with daily budgeting and saving and get stuck in debts. If you see that your personal finances need improvement and optimization, the best solution is to go through a specialized course.

  1. eToro Trading Academy. This free course comprises more than 100 videos and text guides that cover virtually every aspect of this activity: from basic terminology to market research, asset choice, copy trading, etc.
  2. Nasdaq and Nyse Stocks Trading by RoboForex. It is considered the best among finance courses dedicated to the stock exchanges mentioned. It is offered by the eToro broker free of charge. The course consists of 13 videos dedicated to the choice of stocks, their major categories, optimal trading strategies, effective use of RoboForex, and other related issues.
  3.  Personal Finance Masterclass on Udemy. It is available for a fee, and, during the promo periods, you can get access for only $9.99. After completing it, you will know how to compile your budget wisely, cut expenses, increase profits, create decent retirement savings, and more.
  4.  Stock Market from Scratch on Udemy. Its sale price is also $9.99. The 56 video tutorials will explain to you in simple terms how the stock market works, how to select shares, how to utilize the most popular financial instruments, etc.
  5. Finance for Everyone by the University of Michigan. It is aimed at improving students’ financial literacy and helping them make daily financial decisions wisely. The full version is offered for $49, but you can also get limited access for free.
  6. Online Finance Degree from Victoria University. An award-winning program, VU’s range of degrees offers great flexibility and focus on honing in-demand skills, such as their online graduate certificate in finance with specialization in investment analysis. They offer support 24/7 and late evenings, allowing busy students to choose a convenient time slot for their classes.
  7. Financial Freedom on This free-of-charge complex program includes 5 modules dedicated to the most essential aspects of personal money: from setting financial goals to dealing with debts, mortgages, and taxes.
  8. The Complete Personal Finance Course on Udemy. It is marketed as a 3-in-1 program, which teaches the three key financial skills: increasing profits, protecting personal funds, and saving more. Like most other courses on this source, it is often available at a discount price of $9.99.
  9. Personal Finance by Khan Academy. This free course is meant to help young people make smart decisions about finances. There are 9 chapters consisting of short reading and videos that address such topics as personal savings, retirement accounts, taxes, credits, renting and buying property, and so on.
  10. FX Academy. This free course is the best choice for novice Forex traders. It is dedicated to the most fundamental aspects of this business sphere and provides all the basic knowledge a beginner may need.
  11. The Fundamentals of Personal Finance Specialization on Coursera. This specialization is available free of charge and includes 5 courses dedicated to varied issues related to personal budgeting.

To sum up, financial literacy is a crucial element of the basic education every person must obtain. So, if you feel that you lack certain knowledge or skills in this sphere, take advantage of at least one of the courses presented above.