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10 Best Finance Podcasts: Learn How to Make the Most out of Your Money

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You probably know that self-education is a key to success in both trading and building financial stability. But, due to today’s speed of life, only a few people can afford to spend every evening reading books about financial literacy or investment. Thus, we recommend you switch to audio podcasts, which will provide you with the knowledge needed in a more flexible format. But in case of a different situation, you can always contact the most reliable hard money lender here.

So, our experts have reviewed hundreds of podcasts offered on the market and have created a list of the most informative and useful ones. By the way, all of them are easy-to-understand and involving, so they will be beneficial for beginners as well:

  1. The Ramsey Show ― an extremely popular radio show about managing money, overcoming debts and financial difficulties, balancing life and career. 
  2. So Money ― it teaches the basics of saving, trading, running a business, and other financial management aspects through exciting stories, interviews, and answers to listeners’ questions.
  3. Beyond Finances ― it is dedicated to overcoming everyday problems and challenges related to spending, saving, and debts, as well as financial planning.
  4. The College Investor ― this show is designed for students who are interested in such issues as budgeting, dealing with a student loan, investing, and searching for jobs.
  5. Side Hustle ― this program is one of the best finance podcasts aimed at helping people start their own businesses. It provides basic knowledge on varied aspects of entrepreneurship as well as a hefty portion of inspiration and motivation.
  6. ChooseFI ― this podcast offers professional interviews on diversified aspects of financial stability and independence: from reducing expenses and paying off debts to finding additional sources of income and planning.
  7. Better System Trader ― it is an expert audio guide to Forex trading, which will supply you with advice, prompts, and inspiration from professionals.
  8. How To Money ― that is another enjoyable audio show about the basics of money management, which presents complex issues in easy-to-grasp form.
  9. Planet Money ― it is a reliable and trusted source of economic news in connection with personal finances and Forex trading.
  10. Her Money ― this podcast is targeted at girls and women and aims to help them effectively address financial problems, challenges, and questions and to reach stability in this sphere.

To summarize, we advise you to pick a few programs from our rating and add them to your playlist so that you can listen to them regularly and improve your financial literacy.