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10 Best Hair Systems for Women and Over 20 Styling Options

Do women wear toupees? Yes, both men and women can wear wigs and toupees. For both men and women experiencing hair loss or thinning, toupees or hair systems are a simple and non-invasive solution. Women’s toupees, like those worn by males, often cover the part(s) of the head where the natural hair is either nonexistent or sparse. Only that women’s toupees normally have longer hair than men’s does make a difference.

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In order to demonstrate how high-quality toupees help women overcome hair loss or thinning and boost their appearance with elegance, we’ve included 10 excellent toupees for women as samples in this piece.

What Is a Women’s Toupee?

Toupees are worn by both men and women for the same reason: to disguise bald or thinning parts of the head while maintaining decent looks. Toupees are a hairpiece that partially covers the head to cover up hair loss or thinning, however they are sometimes referred to as “hair replacement systems” or “hair systems.” Women’s hair replacement systems are another name for toupees.

How Do Women’s Toupees Work?

Women’s toupees, also known as hair systems, are used to conceal hair loss, which is a key distinction between them and wigs. In contrast, women typically wear wigs for cosmetic purposes, with the exception of medical wigs for alopecia or chemotherapy-related hair loss in female patients.

Women’s toupees or hair systems begin at the base. It acts as the base for the hairpiece. It is the location of placed human or synthetic hair. Typically, bases are constructed of lace, PU, monofilament, or hybrid materials that mix two or three of these. The goal is to resemble the wearer’s actual scalp.

Women’s toupees can be fastened with tape, glue, or clips at the discretion of the client. Toupees are designed to cover scalp regions where hair is thin or nonexistent. The toupee hair thus fuses perfectly with the wearer’s natural hair after being affixed to the user’s head, giving the impression that the wearer has a full head of luscious, natural hair. Nobody can tell that the woman wearing the hairpiece is a woman.

How Long Will Women’s Toupee Last?

Women’s toupees are semi-permanent, just like those on men. Toupees can last anywhere between one and twelve months, depending on the quality of the base material and the hair used. The toupee does become loose and start to pull off in between. It needs to be removed, cleaned, and then reattached. To preserve the longevity of the toupee, routine cleaning, conditioning, and style are required.

What Are the Best Women’s Toupees?

What a toupee is, how it varies from a wig, and how it benefits ladies are now clear to us. New Times Hair offers these top 10 women’s toupees, which are the pinnacle of both quality and style. Let’s utilize them as examples to understand more about the incredible transformations that women’s toupees may bring about.

1. INSEU Women’s Toupee

The base of the INSEU women’s toupee is made of 0.08-mm PU skin. The hair used is 100 percent ethically obtained European human hair. European hair, the rarest and most delicate hair on the globe, blends beautifully with Caucasian hair types. 

The roots of the hair are knot-free since it is injected into the base, resembling natural hair emerging from a natural scalp. Hair that has been injected can be styled easily and combed in any direction.


  • To give the wearer a silky, sleek, and sheeny appearance, European human hair is employed.
  • The thin skin covering the wearer’s scalp is 0.08 mm thick, making the hairline and other body parts invisible.
  • The hair is injected into the base to give the appearance of knot-free roots and to allow for styling freedom.
  • Six colors and three hair lengths are offered to accommodate various haircuts and personalities.

Styling Options:

Women’s toupees can also be trimmed, curled, or straightened. There are three hair length options available for our Inseu women’s toupees: 6, 8, and 10″. Each one could have a unique hairstyle. As a stylist, you are free to dye the client’s hair any color.

  • A Brunette Makeover: With 8″, you may get medium-length hairstyles. A brunette makeover might subtly highlight her facial features. If your client’s hair tends to wash out easily, choose darker versions.
  • Center Part and Soft Waves: To get face-framing balayage highlights, the hair should be styled with a center part, soft waves, and a light application of the #7 color. This will provide a simple hairdo.
  • Dark Blonde with Curled Ends: With the 10′′ one, you’ll have a lot more options for longer hairstyles. A dark blonde with curled ends is always in style. If you like the girl’s waves, order one in the color #20 from our product page, and voila, there she is.

2. HS27 Monofilament Hair System for Women

When it comes to women’s toupees or hair systems, endurance and attractiveness cannot coexist. Yet with HS27, the two work in unison perfectly. For toupee bases, monofilament is the most resilient material. A PU border and weft in the rear support HS27’s base. Also, this makes it simpler to apply glue and tape.


  • Double-split knots made of 100% premium human hair are knotted to the base so that they will never come off.
  • A monofilament base with a perimeter and weft enhanced by PU creates a sturdy foundation structure.
  • An ideal option for hairdressers, salon proprietors, cosmetology schools, and hair clinics across the world
  • There are more than 20 hair colors that work for a variety of tastes and personalities.

Precautions: Glue and other safe liquidized adhesives are also options. But it is to be done very carefully. Apply the glue or adhesives on the PU straps, making sure that it won’t seep through the edges and stick to the hair when you push the hairpiece to the scalp.

Styling Options:

There are about 20 different hair colors available, but the length of the hair on these women’s toupees is all 5 inches. Only short hairstyles can use HS27. If you want to project confidence, you might have to stay with different pixie cuts.

  • A Short Pixie with Fringe: Every hair color will look good with a short pixie with fringe. This is a great choice for your customer if she wants a low-maintenance look. The hairpiece doesn’t need frequent touch-ups, which relieves it from strenuous styling. It looks very good on females with round or heart-shaped faces.
  • Side-Swept Pixie: Another great option is a side-swept pixie with gray balayage when the women’s toupees are only 5″. The appropriate color to use is #1B40. You can perform the balayage right away without first whitening and toning your hair.
  • Wavy Pixie: How effortlessly toupee hair may be styled is demonstrated with a side parted, waved pixie. To be both edgy and elegant on the same canvas, the best hairstyle is a soft pixie cut with a side part. This style looks nice with lighter or grey tones.
  • Bixie for Women over 60: Who ruled that ladies over 60 had to be referred to as grandmas? Don’t you realize that, on average, today’s men and women both appear to be at least ten years younger? Indeed, Bob and Pixie are together. How do you refer to them? Give it the name Bixie. To enhance fine hair, try it with feathery layers. You can still captivate men with your feminine charisma if you’re beyond 60.

3. HS27+ Fine Mono Hair System for Women with Skin Gauze Perimeter and Lace Front

The fine monofilament base of HS27+ is strengthened with a well constructed PU skeleton, making it easier to affix adhesives or tape. For the most realistic-looking hairline, it has a lace front. Short-haired wearers can also wear HS27+.


  • It is strengthened and made simple to apply tapes or adhesives thanks to a sturdy monofilament base with a skin perimeter.
  • A lace front provides a hairline that looks natural and is incredibly breathable.
  • There are more than 20 hair colors available to suit all age groups and ethnicities, some of which contain a percentage of gray hair.
  • Until 30 mm, the hair can be curled.

Styling Options:

The HS27+, designed specifically for short hairstyles, has hair that is 5′′ long. The base features a PU skeleton that is quite sturdy, while the top and back are especially sturdy. These women’s hairpieces will look great with various pixie cuts and pixie bobs.

  • Dark Copper Pixie Bob with Layers: The face is wonderfully framed and kept light and airy with a messy, dark copper-layered, tapering pixie haircut. It is simple to make by adding textures with a flat iron and a round hair brush, then finishing with a little hairspray.
  • Messy Dark Brown Pixie Bob: The pixie bob will seem more contemporary and lived-in if you wear a sloppy texture. To keep it softer and more feminine, avoid cutting it too short around the face and ears.
  • Bixie with Feathered Layers for Fine Hair: Because of its short layers, this look is particularly flattering on women over 60. The feathery layers of the pixie cut will revive limp hair, especially for wearers who desire an uplifted appearance and style with little to no care or styling time.

4. N6W Swiss Lace Hair System for Women

Do you anticipate being able to see the hairline once attached? Can you tell that the person has a hairpiece on? In my opinion, no. The ideal base material for being breathable and seeming natural is lace. When worn, lace is colorless against the skin of the wearer.


  • The Swiss lace base is finer, lighter, more breathable, and appears more natural.
  • To achieve a knotless look along the front hairline, the knots at the front are bleached out.
  • The hairpiece is strengthened by a clear PU border, which also makes it simple to affix tapes or adhesives.
  • 100% premium human hair is used, and it has a medium-heavy hair density, making it perfect for a variety of styling possibilities.
  • Wearers can select from a multiple hairstyles because to the availability of four hair colors and four lengths.

Styling Options:

Do not fret. Their women’s premium toupees come in the greatest hues and lengths for a wide range of style possibilities. These women’s Swiss lace toupees have hair that is between 14 and 20 inches long. The majority of the hair is dark, which gives it a distinctive attraction and an abstract charm that raises the wearer’s beauty.

  • Live-in Blunt Cut with a Soft Undercut: Many styles are available for people with long hair. For women constantly on the go, a lived-in blunt cut with a soft undercut is ideal. Give your client the #4 color and suggest adding a few waves to give her hair some texture. She can get a playful and carefree vibe with this design.
  • Long, Blonde Ombre: It will function best when using a 30-inch one with a long, blunt ombré. Just a small percentage of your customers will reject ombre, we promise. Sharp lines with blunt ends will produce a sense of fullness.
  • Long, Dark Brunette with a Bang: Get your client a #1B if she favors dark tones. A long, dark brunette is the ideal candidate for bangs. The name is long, dark chocolate hair with jagged fringes. Long hair’s beauty is combined with a choppy fringe’s edginess in this style. To give the hair movement and texture, cut it to a long length and add layers.

5. Silicone Wig for Alopecia and Medical Hair Loss

Many people call it a wig, but by our standards, it is not one. One of the female hairpieces used to cover persons who have completely lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other medical conditions. Of course, it drastically changes how the wearer appears. The silicone strips make the installation incredibly simple; there is no adhesive or tape used.


  • The women’s toupee is made of 100% premium hair, including Chinese hair, Chinese virgin hair, European hair, etc.
  • To give the hair a bouncy appearance, the hair is lifted and injected into the base. It can be styled in multiple ways.
  • It features silicone strips, so the wearer can simply put it on and it will remain without the use of tape or adhesive.
  • Women’s silicone hairpieces are offered at wholesale, retail, resale, and to hair professionals.

Styling Options:

Their medium 18′′ hair length will accommodate all of their style needs. The toupee hair is of exceptional quality and can withstand a variety of coloring and styling techniques. But, cutting lightly without excessive pushing or rubbing is better because they are not glued or taped to the skull.

  • Balayage Black Hair: Since it provides the wearer a delicate, pleasing lift, balayage has long been a mainstay of hair coloring. To give your customer’s style dimension and movement, suggest balayage caramel highlights.
  • Black + Brown Highlights: It can be a bit tough to add some highlights to the black base color, and it also relies on the undertones of your client’s complexion. If she has warm tones, caramel and coppery auburn will look lovely with the black hair. Mix the mid-length highlights to give her face a “sun-kissed” appearance.
  • Black Hair Lob: Globally speaking, black hair lobs are adored by fashion editors. All hair textures and face shapes can wear this low-maintenance hairstyle. The most styling possibilities are available for hair that is 18′′ long, or toupee length. When styled wavy or maintained straight and silky, it looks fantastic.

6. Full French Lace Women’s Toupee: Custom Made

The hair system is a well-made full-lace toupee for women with a base made of full-French lace. The most breathable, cozy, and natural-looking material for a headband is lace. Place an order directly with us if your client wants a hairpiece that is specially crafted for her.


  • The hairlines and sections on the full-lace foundation are the most natural-looking and are soft and pleasant.
  • The elastic strap makes adjusting simple.
  • Customers can select their preferred hair colors and lengths when ordering custom hair.
  • Chinese hair that is strong and subdued in color may withstand intensive styling techniques.

Styling Options:

The majority of our customers who have chosen this hairpiece are drawn to the stunning attractiveness of the blonde color. The unknown! Long blonde hairstyles can serve as your next bombshell look inspiration.

  • Buttery Golden Blonde on a Long Straight Cut: Before we ship, they can color for you. Obtain this buttery, rich golden blonde balayage, which combines baby lights with light brown roots to make a smooth appearance from top to bottom. The color will stand out whether you or your client wears it naturally straight or curled.
  • Side-Swept Style for Long Blonde Hair: Side-swept hair with smooth, buttery locks is always attractive. When done correctly, a long blonde may be quite low-maintenance. It will appear more full if you wear it with a side-swept part.
  • Long Blonde Hair with Curled Ends: This one is fairly simple, but it pulls off all the tricks. Please use heat protection to obtain this effect. To keep blonde hair looking healthy and shiny, it needs gentle, loving care.

7. Custom Women’s Hair Replacement System with Highlight Blonde

The French lace base of the NJC2070 makes it incredibly breathable and cozy. The base is strengthened, tape or adhesive attachment is made simpler, and cleaning is simple thanks to the PU border around the edge. 

Keep your blonde hair in style by staying on top of the latest trends. Again, it’s custom-made; if your clients would prefer a full-lace hair system that is manufactured to order, get in touch with them right away.


  • The most natural-looking appearance is achieved while maximizing ventilation and comfort with a soft French lace base.
  • The PU perimeter strengthens the French lace while also making it simple to attach and maintain the hair system.
  • It is for the needs of each individual.
  • Chinese virgin hair is used for its durability, versatility, and dyeability.

Styling Options:

The standard hair length is 14′′, which falls within the category of medium-long hair. While being short, it is long enough to be put up and fashioned in a variety of hairstyles, including quirky, modern, fun, and flirty, for every toupee wearer to experiment with.

  • Medium Blonde with a Bright Money Piece: Checkerboard-patterned hair has already been highlighted. Her original root will appear lighter with daylight highlights close to it. To further diffuse the root, you can also employ a shadow root.
  • Dark Dirty Medium Blonde: A creamy, vibrant blonde will spruce up her current look and keep her on trend. If the purple tone is too overpowering, combine purple shampoo with regular shampoo.
  • Blonde Layers for Medium Hair: She will always seem stunning because of her layers of blonde hair. Face layers and a soft money piece go along perfectly.

8. Frontal Hair System for Women: A Invisible Hairline

Better to demonstrate than to explain. Still, I need you to let us know if you notice the woman’s use of a women’s hairpiece. Because I can’t, I don’t believe you can. 

The PU base and scalp are bonded together to form one unit. The hair resembles the wearer’s real hair exactly. We employ frontals in this way to aid women with thinning hairlines. They are inexpensive to own and simple to operate.


  • Wearing the 0.06 mm ultra-thin translucent skin base is comfortable and weightless.
  • The frontal base’s flawless integration with the scalp reveals an imperceptible hairline.
  • The base of the 100% human hair is v-looped to give the impression that the hair is coming out of the wearer’s natural scalp and is freely styleable.
  • Because it simply covers the front portion of the hairline, installation is less expensive and simpler.
  • For different looks, there are more than 10 hair color options.

Styling Options:

This frontal’s hair is only 5′′ long and only covers the front hairline area. The toupee hair can be cut to the wearer’s preferred length and integrated into the overall hairstyle. Bangs are what I can make out.

  • Medium to Long Layers with a Curtain Fringe: Add long layers and give the frontal hair a curtain fringe if the customer has medium to long hair. Scheduling routine haircut sessions is the best way to maintain this style.
  • A soft Curtain Fringe on a Short Bob Cut: Add some flair to your client’s brief bob with some gentle curtain fringe. Her features are highlighted by the curtain fringe, which also gives her figure some interest. Try trying for a length between the mouth and nose with a light layer if you are afraid of fringes.
  • Choppy Bangs on Long Ombre Hair: An expressive, textured style is created by long, ombre hair with chopped bangs. It’s ideal for women seeking a contemporary and fashionable look. Women with square faces look best in this style.

9. PU Frontal Toupee for Women: Partial Hair System for Receding Hairlines

This is yet another gem for women to repair thinning hair. There are 3 sizes available to fit the heads of all wearers.


  • There are more than 10 shades of premium human hair available, which is obtained from moral donors.
  • Three base sizes—6 * 1′′, 6 * 1.5′′, and 6 * 2′′—fit all head sizes.
  • They correct all receding hairlines and are inexpensive and lightweight.
  • In order to create an invisible hairline, an invisible base melts into the scalp.

Styling Options:

5′′ hair frontals are typically used to conceal the front hairline. What hairdos go best with these frontals? All I can picture are fringes and bangs. Just a couple more of them, please.

  • Short Baby Bangs: Blunt baby bangs are one of the edgiest hairstyles that get lots of attention. This chin-length, crisp cut is updated with semi-short bangs, unlike the traditional bob.
  • Long-Layered Hair with Short Uneven Bangs: Your client will receive something unique and enjoyable in this style. It enables her to keep her long hair in a playful, textured bang. These will effortlessly last your client a couple of days for a flawlessly carefree look.
  • Short and Thin Bangs: Cut your client’s hair to neck-length and use the frontal with #18 color to get this cut. The blunt bangs will add texture and visual interest. The shorter length keeps the hair from becoming weighted down.

10. Hair Patches for Women with Alopecia

One or more areas of a woman’s head may be hairless if she has alopecia areata. The ideal solution is to use WPT hair patches, which are lightweight, simple to use, and affordable. Choose a hair patch, cut it into the same form as the area experiencing hair loss, and glue it there. All you have to do is that. The hair will exactly match the wearer’s other hair and stay put.


  • WPT hair patches are thin, clinging, affordable, and simple to apply.
  • It keeps the wearer’s head cool by simply covering the areas of hair loss.
  • All styling methods work well with 100% Remy hair, which also retains color well.
  • Each patch may be trimmed into smaller sizes for a precise fit, and there are 3 sizes available to fit all bald places.

Styling Options:

The standard hair length for all of our hair patches is 14 inches. It can be used anywhere that lacks hair. Nobody will be able to tell this person is wearing a hairpiece thanks to the premium women’s toupee human hair’s flawless blending with the natural hair. It can simply be incorporated with the rest of the hair to create the ideal look for your customer.

Why Do I Source Women’s Toupees from New Times Hair?

  • Deliveries are prompt at New Times Hair, and most customers get their items in 7 days or less.
  • Human hair is used for all their women’s toupees. We procure hair from reputable vendors throughout the world, ensuring premium product components, and have established a solid reputation.
  • Due to the fact that they imports all of their raw materials from Europe, including lace and monofilament, you can be certain that their products are of the greatest quality.
  • By cutting out intermediaries and operating their own plant, New Times Hair enables all of its customers to earn from the highest profit margins without sacrificing quality.
  • New Times Hair enables all of its customers to profit from the best profit margins without compromising quality by eliminating intermediaries and running their own facility.
  • Consumers only need to order three items to receive a wholesale discount.
  • By providing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services, New Times Hair has assisted several stylists in starting their hair companies.


Women hide thinning or hair loss using toupees or hair systems. Women’s toupees are comparable to, if not identical to, men’s toupees in that they cover regions of hair loss, unlike wigs and hair toppers. The primary installation methods involve shaving the balding area and adhering the toupee with glue or tape. Toupees are a simple, efficient way for ladies to deal with hair loss.

We looked at ten of New Times Hair’s top-notch women’s toupees and their style possibilities. Have we forgotten anything? Leave a comment. 

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