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10 Classic Kitchen Cabinet Styles to Refresh Your Kitchen

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For those considering giving their kitchen a new look, cabinets are a budget-friendly option for completely transforming your kitchen space. Whether you’re doing a major renovation in a new home or a simple update to an existing apartment kitchen, there are kitchen cabinet styles to choose from to suit every preference.

1. Shaker Style

Although the shaker style has existed since the 18th century, it has recently gained popularity in modern kitchen design. This trend is often seen in modern farmhouse aesthetics. Shaker-style cabinets and farmhouse sinks painted in white evoke nostalgic visions of a romantic farmhouse past. Shaker-style cabinets feature simple inset panels and minimal ornamentation, making them a versatile choice for kitchen cabinetry. For those who don’t like white cabinets, choose navy blue, forest green, or matte black paint.

2. Flat Panel

Today, the most convenient kitchen cabinet options are panel or flat-panel designs. Sleek, low-maintenance, and visually clean, these cabinets are usually made of MDF and coated with melamine, laminate, or heat foil. However, despite their modern look, these cabinets can also be found in older kitchens made of solid wood with a vintage or mid-century modern aesthetic. Modern slab or flat-panel cabinets are available in various finishes. There are affordable prefabricated cabinets that can be easily customized, such as Asia’s largest OPPOLIA home site, which offers in-home service no matter where you are.

3. Modern 

Modern style is what many people are looking for these days. Modern kitchen cabinets feature a flawless appearance, such as the glossy cabinet doors without hardware in this elegant kitchen. Modern cabinets are characterized by minimal ornamentation, clean design, and a wide range of materials.

4. Glass Cabinet Doors

Often used with solid cabinets and sometimes backlit for added effect, glass cabinets can display delicate items such as fine china, antique champagne glasses, cobalt glass collectibles, or decorative plates. However, to break up the heaviness of a wall full of solid cabinets, glass cabinets can also be incorporated in a more intentional and less complicated way. Glass cabinets can provide a visual indication that reduces the need to open constantly and close cabinets to find specific items. Additionally, unlike open shelving, glass cabinets help prevent dust and kitchen residue from building up.

5. Farmhouse Style

The distinguishing feature of farmhouse-style cabinets is that they emphasize the natural characteristics of wood, including grain, a recessed look, and minimalist detailing. While these qualities are perfect for mountain villages and traditional farmhouses, an overly straightforward interpretation can feel dated in a modern setting.

6. A Fusion of Diversity

Classic English kitchens take inspiration from traditional Georgian and farmhouse-style kitchens, combining under-cabinetry, open storage, and rustic wooden shelving instead of upper cabinets. When designing your kitchen, mixing different styles and avoiding a one-size-fits-all look is perfectly fine by introducing some variety in your cabinet choices. The overall aesthetic of this kitchen stays cohesive by maintaining a classic style. Still, you can blend rustic elements with modern cabinetry design for a more transitional feel.

7. Open Shelving

Open shelving is rising again in kitchens, breaking up the cookie-cutter cabinets that line the walls. Floating wood shelves with a rich stain bring warmth and are a focal point in this modern, all-white kitchen. Open shelving is an attractive option for those who like to organize items on shelves and don’t like to clutter every empty surface. However, those who like clutter and dislike visual clutter should consider this option carefully. As with all decorating choices, it’s important to know your personal preferences; prioritize function over aesthetics when designing a functional kitchen for the most efficient results.

8. Contemporary Rustic

Logs can be utilized in a more refined manner to add depth and visual appeal to contemporary kitchen cabinets made from natural materials. Mixing wood finishes can create a sense of dimension, such as using a dark color for the lower cabinets and a lighter color for the upper cabinets.

9. Louvered

Louvered kitchen cabinets crafted from horizontal wood slats offer texture and visual interest. From a practical perspective, they provide ventilation, which can be beneficial based on the items stored inside and the kitchen’s climate. Opting for louvered kitchen cabinets can create a small pantry for storing items like potatoes, garlic, and onions or simply as an aesthetic choice.

10. Classic

Classic cabinets may appear outdated to some and timeless to others, featuring raised panels, beadboard details, and other decorative elements that have evolved to align with modern minimalist preferences. Traditional cabinets are often crafted from dark wood, classic maple, or painted in a neutral color, making them increasingly rare.