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10 Interesting Science & Technology Facts That Will Surprise You

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The technology of tomorrow’s world is a constantly changing field. New developments are being made every day, and the rate at which new technologies appear can seem overwhelming at times. Nevertheless, there are many things we have learned about this ever-changing science that will change the way you view the future forever.

It can be Information technology, biotechnology, biology, chemistry, electronics, medical technology, it’s all fascinating, and really hard to understand unless you are a scientist yourself. The best way to learn about science for non-scientists is to read a nice article or watch to tv for an interesting tv show that can really explain everything. Another way is to play Science Trivia Quiz Games that will test your knowledge but will also educate you about the wonders of science.

10 Trivia Facts About Science & Technology

  1. Another exciting innovation that is becoming increasingly common around the world in robotics. Not only are there various industrial uses for robotics, but there are also several applications within our everyday lives.
  2. The world’s first trillionaire is likely to make their fortune in the tech industry from Artificial Intelligence and robots, rather than through finance or real estate as most self-made billionaires have done.
  3. Eventually, almost all products will likely be 3D printed, which would allow people to print everything from food items to clothing.
  4. In May 2018, researchers at North Carolina State University announced a new substance called “liquid glass” (Sodium silicate) that can go inside your smartphone and heal it.
  5. By 2035, augmented reality will be so advanced that people can make phone calls and send messages with their eyeballs.
  6. There are thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth, some of which collect data on our oceans and help protect us from cyber-attacks.
  7. Scientists believe that they have finally discovered the key to eternal life by inducing a false state of hypothermia in mice – also known as “profound hypothermia.”
  8. In May 2018, scientists revealed that they could reshape your DNA using CRISPR gene-editing technology to cure HIV or change eye color for the first time.
  9. One of the most exciting technological developments in recent years has been the rise of self-driving cars as a viable means of transport. While there is some way to go before this becomes a mainstream form of transport, some fascinating AI technologies have already been tested.

Using cutting-edge technology, various manufacturers are developing cars that can drive themselves by using an array of sensors and cameras to map their surroundings and avoid collisions with obstacles. This could lead to more efficient forms of travel and provide huge benefits for those who cannot currently drive due to conditions such as blindness or poor eyesight.

  1. In 2018, a Japanese company called Facer created smart jewelry that can turn your skin into an interface and interact with digital devices. 

Many exciting technological breakthroughs will change the way we live our lives forever. From self-driving cars to robotic pets, AI marketing methods, and even AR technologies in the classroom.