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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shojon

The South London engineer turned music artist Shojon entered 2020 on the O2 Academy Islington stage alongside Bando Black and then gave us the indie-pop head bopper Theorem. With various credits to his name from working with some of the UK’s top musicians, influencers, and brands, we had to find out more about the guy behind the music. 

Skill Set
We know the music artist, but a quick search online for ‘John Shownmi’ (Shojon), founder of That SP Studios, and we begin to see an array of titles in various facets of the media world. Including but not limited to; film producer, radio host, content curator, music executive, camera operator, photographer, consultant, and quite a few others! 

Dream Collab
Shojon is no stranger to working with others. After all, his audio-visual credits include Lady Leshurr and The Wanted. He is aware of what a different perspective on a project can bring to the creative table. When we asked him what his dream collaborations were, he listed Dua Lipa, Bea Miller, and Lewis Capaldi.  He says, “I like music that comes from the heart, and the aforementioned get that job done well.” 

He has his own chocolate bar.
From media studios to broadcasting platforms, as if his repertoire wasn’t enough! During the initial lockdown, Shojon found himself using the power of chocolate to stay focused and driven. His tenacity and entrepreneurial outlook gave him the idea to make his own chocolate the ‘Shojon Bar’.

Advocate for mental health
Shojon’s personal journey with mental health, both before and during 2020, resulted in being a Time To Change volunteer. He aimed to break the stigma within his immediate locale by speaking openly with clients and colleagues about mental health matters. Shojon decided to raise awareness and funds for a mental health charity. He created the #ChocolateForTheMind campaign and raised over £1700 in aid of Mind. Shojon’s forthcoming EP, Greenwich Views, details his journey through mental health and hopes it will further raise awareness of these matters.

Song dedicated to Aja Naomi King
Shojon confessed he is a self-proclaimed Aja super fan! After binge-watching episodes of How to Get Away with Murder, he felt inspired by her ambition, confidence & beauty (on and off-screen) and dedicated a song to her. Shojon added, “I love go-getters, so I have to shout out producer Shonda Rhimes for her work and work rate #salute.” 

Eating Disorders
Shojon talks openly about his history with anxiety, and whilst being confident with his psyche now, he commented, “it took a long while to get here.” In his honesty about seeing himself for the first time on TV and a history of fat-shaming exes, he admitted there was a time where he was addicted to working out and looking at scales constantly due to (what he now knows was) anorexia. 

Moonlights as an actor and Model
Overcoming his struggles with self-image, he found himself moonlighting as an actor and model as a way to reclaim his image. Initially, as a stand-in presenter for Aftersessions’ Interviews, Shojon found presenting as a way to build confidence in himself while delivering revenge in the form of success.

The Matrix 

Shojon’s favourite film is The Matrix! He said that it was the first movie that he watched and had a “jaw-dropping WTF did I just watch” moment. The cult classic affected his perception of reality, and he enjoys discussing simulation theory, as well as giving homage to The Matrix throughout his works. Have you ever noticed?

Samsung Fanboy
From his Galaxy phone, watch, and earbuds – we could tell quite quickly that Shojon was a Samsung man. He has never owned an iPhone and says he “never will.” When asked about how far he was planning to take his Samsung love affair, he replied with “I would love a Samsung synchronized home, but for the moment, I’ll settle for a Samsung fridge!”.

You only need to take one look at Shojons back-catalog to see his work in abundance. However, amid the 2020 turmoil, Shojon admits his workaholism stepped up a gear. “I can’t stop, won’t stop until I’m done. And by done, I mean only in death can the throuple that is my creativity, work rate, and human vessel ever part!”.