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10 Tips About IPL Today You Need To Know

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) has quickly become a world-famous event in the cricket world. Every cricket player is all ears for this exciting game and can’t wait to win in the IPL season every time. Even cricket lovers stay vigilant for the game and throw themselves on the couch to enjoy it whenever it’s life each year. With such buzzing of excitement everywhere, the IPL first match is naturally the best event of all. 

Let us learn more about IPL today as we read. 

1. Team With Most IPL Final Loses 

For several years, Chennai Super Kings has been the worst team in the IPL because it has lost several of its matches. If you have been following IPL for a long time, you will be able to know that this team has lost chiefly IPL matches so far.

2. Team With Most IPL Final Wins 

It is always interesting to identify which team scored the most IPL wins over the years. If you have not been watching the IPL today, you will be able to answer on your own. But if you are new, you may not know. In that case, Mumbai Indians are the clear winner. Often, the team members win the most IPL matches and make us jump up with joy. CSK is also quite close, but it still needs 3 to win. If that happens, CSK won’t be too far either. 

3. Team Played Most IPL Finals 

We have already discussed the teams that have won or lost the most IPL finals. But that is not enough. Do you know which team has played the most finals in this premier league? It has to be CSK. Over the years, they have played nearly six times in 12 different seasons. Although they were banned from playing in the team for two straight years, they still have the highest record of playing in the match. 

4. First Bowler Of IPL

Sourav Ganguly was the one who played the first ball. However, it was Praveen Kumar who bowled the first delivery in this match. Surprisingly, he was the one to deliver the first run and make all of us so proud in India. That is why Sourav does not get the appreciation for scoring it in the first place. 

5. Most Scores In 100 

Many teams have played valiantly in the IPL team. But there are a few facts where people and groups do not want to be engraved. It would be the highest number of runs in 100. This happened by the Royal Challengers Bangalore. There are nearly five events where the entire cricket team was sent back. 

6. Most Sixes In IPL History 

It would be funny, but, indeed, Chris Gayle has always been the one to give some of the worst performances. But it is also true that he has given the most sixes and made us all proud at the end of the day. 

7. Most Dot Balls In IPL

So far, the player with the most dot balls in the IPL has been Harbajan Singh. He has played nearly 160 matches and bowled around 1249 dot balls. That is why he is best at it. 

8. Never Played In IPL Finale 

We have all heard about teams that have topped, lost, or played in the IPL finale. But did you know that there is also one team who has never played in it? Delhi Daredevils is the one. Strange, we didn’t realize, right? 

9. First Four In IPL History 

Brenden McCullum created the first four in IPL history in the year 2008. In this match, KKR was playing against Royal Challengers Bangalore. So, it was pretty fascinating to watch it. 

10. Most Hat-tricks In IPL

Did you know that hat-tricks that have ever been played were as low as 3? You should know that it is Amit Mishra with three hat-tricks and Yuvraj Singh with two of them. 

The Bottom Line 

Cricket is a fascinating game like never before. But what is even more intriguing is the IPL today. So, if you liked this, make sure you watch IPL from now on. We promise; the game is worth it. Then, what keeps you waiting? There will be no room for disappointment. Try it out.