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10 Tips for Excellent Home-Based Business

Doing business at home is the most comfortable way to earn – pandemic or no pandemic. You can choose your own pace and schedule, wear whatever you want, and be your own boss.

You can stay home with your loved ones and earn without the hassles and pressures of the outside world. However, there are challenges to making profits at home, and you have to overcome them if you are to succeed.

Some people might find it daunting to take a risk and do a home-based business. It can be scary to invest in something that might fail.

There’s technical knowledge to scale, the competition to deal with, marketing, product development, and more, and you have to do these things virtually on your own.

The good news is that there is a myriad of tools and techniques available at your reach.

Here are TEN ACTIONABLE TIPS THAT WORK to help you generate income at home.

1) Run a food delivery service.
2) Produce paid online content.
3) You need a website.
4) Leverage social media.
5) Make YouTube your best friend.
6) Use accessible online store platforms.
7) Certify your products.
8) Outsource your digital marketing.
9) Engage your household.
10) Produce quality content for promotion.

TIP No. 1: Run a food delivery service.

Everybody needs and wants food and is lazy. Whether you sell curated ingredients for DIY cooking or ready to eat products, you have high profit potential.

Make use of your kitchen – it is now your production factory. Get creative and make your offerings available on-call or online.

You can outsource a delivery service or drive your products around the neighbourhood yourself. You can also put up a walk-in store in front of your house.

There are many types of food that people are looking for that they cannot access regularly. Sell unique pastries, fresh produce, regional flavours, foreign cuisine, or food that is hard to create at home.
Apart from food, you can sell commodities like basic needs – clothes, hygiene products, grooming accessories, gadgets, and others.

TIP No. 2: Produce paid online content.

People need education, entertainment, and training, and most are willing to pay premiums for exclusives. Businesses like online coaching, training and webinars, porn, and other streaming-based exclusive content are booming.

Consumers like getting these content online because they can do so at the comfort of their home. The good news is if you are willing to produce these types of content, you can do it at home too.

While it can take some time to build a strong presence on YouTube, you can grow to have paid memberships on your channel. Even without paid memberships, you can earn from the platform by running ads on your videos.

Whatever expertise you have, you can teach it online for paid classes or consultations – be it live streaming or recorded material.

One of the booming platforms of 2020 is OnlyFans where creators, mostly of adult content, make exclusive videos and photos and streaming sessions for their paying subscribers. It presents a straightforward way for fans to get content and creators to earn money.

While the platform is heavily known for NSFW content, other genres are in it too, like exclusive cooking, workout and makeup tutorials, and the like.

You can also stream videos on donor-style platforms like twitch.

Producing content online for profit takes talent and skill if not looks and guts. Also, you would have to do excellent marketing and PR to gather a significant amount of followers and customers.

TIP No. 3: You need a website.

One of the most important things that you must do to get customers is to gain people’s trust and confidence. 30% of consumers do not trust businesses that do not have a website.

With a website, you give people resources to know more about you and whether they can trust doing business with you or not. Also, a website makes it easier for people to access your product or service.

If you make yourself trustworthy and easy to deal with, more people will buy from you. You can do this by applying Conversion Rate Optimisation and Search Engine Optimisation principles.

TIP No. 4: Leverage social media.

Facebook is the most used social media platform that you should tap. It is the best one for businesses today as you can use it as an e-store.

You can set up your business page as an online store easily. Facebook only gets 5% of every transaction.

Like other social media platforms, you can also run ads on Facebook for cheap. If you don’t want to pay for ads, gather up a good following and social proof.

You can use Fb, Twitter, and IG as your marketing tools. They have analytics for business accounts that will show you who are interested in your posts and how they behave online.

TIP No. 5: Make YouTube your best friend.

Use YouTube like your demo bank where your customers can see how they will maximise the use of the products they got from you.

Also, tap into the powerful analytics tools of YouTube studio. You will get crucial data about your audience that you can leverage to improve your marketing tactics.

Advertising in the platform is also relatively straightforward, and YouTube even has programs where you can consult an in-company expert if you don’t know how to make good videos.

TIP No. 6: Use accessible online store platforms.

Use Shopify. It is significantly simple to use.

With the platform and other similar brands, you can easily have an e-store that completely works. You can also use Oberlo, Wix,, AliExpress and others.

TIP No. 7: Certify your products.

Certification with the government makes your business legal and legitimate – something that can gain more trust from your audiences. Also, if you have a niche product, like premium steaks, it would be wise to get certified by a well-known beef product authority or association.

TIP No. 8: Outsource your digital marketing.

Like most business owners, you could be someone who is a product-first entrepreneur. You are an innovator focused on creating products that solve problems better for people.

This means that you are and have to speed more time in research and development than in marketing. If so, it would be wise to outsource your entire marketing to a consultant.

A consultant can save you the trouble and the money you might waste on wrong campaigns. Getting an expert’s service means more effective and efficient marketing.

You cannot earn excellently from home without digital marketing. Get help.

TIP No. 9: Engage your household.

You don’t have to do things alone. If you have loved ones in your house who have the time, you can engage them in your now family business.

TIP No. 10: Produce quality content for promotion.

It is simple to produce quality promotional content. All you need is a decent smartphone, USB mic, white photography box, proper lighting, a tripod, and a dash of creativity.

Just ensure that you don’t promote with low def or tasteless content. People trust brands that produce professional quality.