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10 Tips To Help You Develop A User-Friendly Dating App

The online dating community has become popular over the past few decades, with apps like Tinder becoming household names. Without question, dating apps are becoming popular because people prefer meeting dates online instead of in real life. So, creating an app in the dating industry is a lucrative venture today.

However, developing a dating app that can challenge Tinder is a hard nut to crack. Tinder’s popularity can be attributed to the ease of use and security. You can also meet women from the West and Asian mail order brides through advanced matching algorithms.

In this article, we will discuss tips for creating a Tinder-caliber dating app. You will also discover the key features of a successful dating app with overwhelmingly rave reviews.

Keep it simple

Developers often come up with awful app designs because they try to complicate things unreasonably. They assume that including multiple features at once will give an air of sophistication to the app.

That’s far from the truth. All that stuff on the screen is frustrating and sometimes nauseating.

Users want a simple, stress-free platform where they can meet their Asian wives and have hookups. And always remember that most of your users will be accessing the app via mobile devices. So, the UI should be intuitive and optimized for mobile.

By the way, a simple design will save you money since you will spend fewer hours and resources on the development.

Provide additional features

Get this: there are over 1000 certified dating apps in the US alone. So, how can you break into the market and topple the competition?

The answer is by offering something different.

Develop extra communication features which other dating platforms lack. Users will never complain if you add an additional messenger because they want top value for their money.

Be inclusive

Most recent dating apps cater to specific niches and sub-niches. The reach of your clientele depends on your personal preference. But creating a niche dating app only limits your platform’s reach and discourages people from signing up.

You should also add multiple genders and matching options: the more restrictions, the lesser the user pool.

Use an advanced matching system

Can you even create a successful app without involving AI?

Artificial intelligence is the new norm and a game-changer in the dating industry. If you want to find an Asian bride, the AI will implement the advanced algorithm to match you with users that fit your specs.

So, any dating app you create should focus on providing the most relevant search results. You can also use geolocation services from Google to improve search results based on proximity.

Include a variety of payment methods

Despite the newfound mainstream appeal of dating apps, users still prefer to avoid the stigma associated with using them. As a result, they will try their best to keep any transaction from reflecting on their bank accounts.

Providing a variety of payment methods — including Bitcoin and Paypal — attracts more users. These payment methods offer a level of privacy craved by every dating site user.

Create a user forum

People love being part of communities, and a forum is the best way to keep users engaged with one another. Most people won’t participate actively, but the members of the small community will help each other. You can also assign an admin to curate these forums in order to maintain decorum.

If a user is wondering how to get an Asian bride, they can visit the forum and ask their peers. Believe us: forums can save your customer support staff a lot of work.

Allow users to share success stories

Forums might serve this purpose, but a dedicated page for testimonials is always an excellent idea.

Think about it: the first thing you do before using an app is read the reviews. If the reviews are positive, that’s your green light. If not, you won’t even bother downloading the app.

You can also choose a few stories to post, or open access to the page to every user.

Improve safety features

Yes, dating apps are plagued by scammers. They roam every platform, relentlessly looking for potential prey.

But can you create an app completely free of scammers?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

But wait, you can limit the activities of scammers to the barest minimum by employing some of the following procedures:

1. Limit membership to users with verified emails.
2. Only users with up to five photos showing their faces can contact others.
3. Use AI to detect suspicious activities like spam messages.
4. Use advanced encryption to protect transactions and communication.
5. Include the ‘incognito’ mode for verified users only.
6. Provide safety tips to users.

Developing a dating app is a lucrative business initiative. But you can only succeed by creating an amazing product that can compete with the top guns. Keep the design simple for the aesthetic appeal and to save money on development. Add exciting features that will entice new users to check out your app. If you create a sense of community for your users, your audience will grow within a short period.