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10 Unique Hand & Arm Tattoo Ideas For Men 

Tattoos have been in trend since the 1960s. People wear tattoos on their body to represent their thoughts, feelings or views which they haven’t spoken to anyone. Tattoos on someone’s body reflect its value and effect (positive or negative) in their life. Getting a tattoo on your body, is a painful process, as the ink is filled into the skin of a particular area. There are several trendy tattoo designs for men. For instance, Japanese tattoo, scorpion tattoo, side hand tattoo, lion tattoo, compass tattoo, skull tattoo, and much more are famous styles of tattoos. People get tattoos on their hands, neck, legs, abdomen, and other parts of the body. Some people also get full-body tattoos as per their choices.

In today’s world, being part of a society is so important to every male individual. When it comes to trends, men don’t want to feel neglected in the society. Tattoos are a part of today’s modern society. A hand is one of the most famous areas of the men’s body to get tattooed. The pain of getting tattooed on hands is bearable and easy to take care of, compared to other parts of the body. Hand tattoos look classy and eye-catchy at the same time. Wrist, fingers, arms, and shoulders are go-to areas of getting yourself tattooed.

 Some of the unique mens tattoo ideas are as follows.

Skull Tattoo

The face of the human skeleton is inked either on the fist or arms. Skull tattoo often understood as a reflection of mortality and unachievable immortality. It looks simple and bold aesthetic. It has also maintained its popularity throughout many generations.

Rose Tattoo

It is the most popular tattoo for hands. People also try a different colour of rose tattoos. The common representation of the tattoo is, it shows love, affection, promise, hope, and new beginnings. A rose is tattooed on the side-fist or upper arm. 

Name Tattoo

Men ink their names, lovers name, or parents name on their hands to showcase their love, affection and tribute to their loved ones. A name tattoo is written in many fonts on the hand as per the choice of the customer.

Lion Tattoo

It is one of the most famous tattoo designs for men. It symbolises strength, courage, bravery, dominance, and confidence. A face of the lion is popularly inked either on fist or biceps.

Money Tattoo

A money tattoo inspires every time about your goal and keeps you motivated for your work. This tattoo means different to different people. For some men, it is the ultimate goal of their life who believe, money can buy anything, while for others it pushes them towards their aim in life.

Tribal Tattoo

These are the most trendy tattoo designs for men. They look bold and eyecatching. The tribal tattoo represents the root of the ancient traditions and culture of tribes. Earlier tribe members had such tattoos to showcase social status, family history, spirituality, and much more.

Jesus Tattoo

This tattoo is based on the spiritual feelings of a man. Jesus tattoo symbolises hope, faith, patience, gentleness, and much more.

Buddha Tattoo

Such tattoos are simple and aesthetic. Buddha tattoo represents a sense of peace and serenity. You can also use some hidden motivational quotes with the tattoo.

Such ink designs look really great as back tattoos for women as well as men. 

Side Hand Tattoo

Men also ink the side of the hand with names, stars, flowers, or quotes. Side hand tattoos are the trend these days. They look classy and eye-catching.

Bracelet Tattoo

This tattoo is quite famous among men. They symbolise strength, luck, or the loss of a loved one. If this tattoo is inked on the biceps, then it represent the muscular power of a man.

Which of the mentioned tattoos for men, you loved the most? Comment down and let us know.