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10 Ways to Improve the Current TV Season

With so much written about the abundance of original television programs spread across the broadcast platforms, it is no wonder this new television season does not feel all that special. There is just something missing.

Naturally, the immediate finger of blame points to the caliber of the new crop of programming. We have certainly seen better years. But rather than nitpick about the network newbies (a revival of “The Muppets,” really?), here are 10 suggestions to improve the situation.

Let’s start with premiere week on the broadcast networks, which is like walking through a crowded mall on Black Friday in search of the best bargains. Instead of cluttering the airwaves with the majority of the new and returning programs in a one week period (normally the third week of September), a slower rollout would give each individual series a better chance to attract an audience. And it would extend the original programming offerings throughout the season. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox should take a page from the cable nets and digital streamers and spread the wealth (or the rubbish, perhaps). The CW is wisely taking a slower approach.

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