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11 Things to Do Before a Game for a Jersey Reds Fan

Rugby is an indispensable part of the English culture, so it is not surprising that there are so many fans of Jersey Reds, a popular rugby team that participates in the RFU Championship. This game has been played in England since 1879 and now every playing event attracts thousands of spectators who celebrate every winning of their favorite team. However, every sport has its drawbacks and the biggest con for fans is to spend long hours and minutes waiting for the start of the next tournament as well as filling the time between game halves. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for that and learn 11 things that will keep Jersey Reds fans busy when they can’t enjoy the gameplay.

1. Visit Jersey

Jersey Reds’ permanent base is located on one of the Channel Islands spread over the English Channel. One of the kingdom dependencies is the Bailiwick of Jersey and the biggest island called Jersey is home to the team. Being not a part of the UK, there is still a great influence of the British culture. It is a popular tourist destination where guests of the island can see old Neolithic carvings, visit festivals (the Battle of Flowers is the most popular one), numerous sports events in cricket, horse racing, football, and rugby.

2. Explore Stade Santander International

A professional rugby ground that is also known as St. Peter is home to Jersey Reds. Located not far from Jersey Airport it has been a major ground for Siam Cup competition won by the team 54 times. The ground has a capacity of 4,000 people and owns the following unique features: floodlights installed, the Lord Jersey Stand and a new pavilion for spectators’ comfort. It hosted several important matches and will be a great place to explore if you have free time.

3. Have a snack

If you want to get some food in Jersey before or after an exciting rugby contest, it is better to choose one of the best restaurants and cafes for this purpose. Despite being a small island, it is famous for its seafood and local dishes that make mouth water. Since there are many great foodie destinations all around the island, it is better to focus on the restaurants located in St. Peter, close to the main rugby ground. You will not be disappointed eating in Mark Jordan at the Beach that offers not only exclusive delicacies but also a breathtaking bay view or The Windmill Inn, which is located in a beautiful green setting and serves local produce.

4. Go to a sports bar

When it comes to great places to have a drink in Jersey, you will appreciate such popular destinations as JB’s Brewhouse and The Boat House. The first one is a BBQ house with over 100 examples of craft beer, an excellent selection of other drinks and tasty meat. Guests of this Brewhouse can play ping-pong or watch live sports too. Visitors of The Boat House will be impressed to see the Main Deck bar with eye-catching marine scenery. There is a variety of beers, spirits and wines, while different sports events are held at any time of the day.

5. Communicate with players

It can be a real pleasure to see rugby players you cry for during the game closer, so one of the ways to spend free time is to try to communicate with players face-to-face. You can go to the restroom when there is a break in the game or try to speak to the players who have already finished the tournament.

6. Socialize with fan club members

Since Jersey Reds is a popular rugby team, it has a big fun club. So it can be great to discuss past achievements of your favorite team with the same passionate team fans as you are. You can even try to join the fun club if you wish.

7. Check news or social media

The most popular way to kill time is, of course, your mobile phone. You can access any sports or other news and read comments from other people who follow the game. It is possible to check your social media profile or follow the latest news all around the world.

8. Call a friend

Your telephone can be also used for socializing with people who are far away. You can call your friend who also follows the game and discuss things you liked most of all. It will be interesting to compare a live game with live streaming one.

9. Take a photo and post it on Instagram

Not every fan of Jersey Reds can turn up at St. Peter and enjoy a live game with hundreds of other dedicated sports lovers. This unique experience must be shared with others, undoubtedly. Take a photo on the ground alone or with other fans and post it on Instagram. You will be surprised with an abundance of likes and comments from other rugby fans and your acquaintances.

10. Buy souvenirs

It is not always possible to visit real games of your favorite team, so it would be great to have different attributes to remind you of this great experience next time you will be watching a game on TV. Visit a souvenir store and get several things associated with Jersey Reds to show others you are a passionate fan of this great team.

11. Play at an online casino
The pleasure of a sports tournament can be combined with another pleasant experience. Short or even long periods of waiting can be spent with a benefit at Club Player Casino. Visit an online gambling platform and select free slots game, which will remind you of a rugby game too. It is possible to spend time with pleasure and even get monetary winnings that will set a good mood for the rest of the day.

Every fan of Jersey Reds can choose things to do that appeal most of all, but you will agree that it is much better to kill the time doing anything else including activities from the list instead of time-consuming and exhausting waiting.