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12 Ways to Play PGA Tour Style

All over the world, golfers enjoy increasing their level of play on every golf course. Many of them want to participate in different competitions that are at a professional level. Among them, the PGA Tour is one of the ways to become a classic professional.

So, our friends at came up with a list of 12 different ways you can play like a professional in this competition. So, adopting most of these tips will be very convenient if you want to reach a higher level of play.

  • 1. Management position

The management position is one of the main aspects. In this case, the position indicates much of your level as a golfer. You can optimize your posture by following the advice of the great golfers. To begin with, choose a basic configuration of grip, posture, and aim.

After you have masted this basic configuration, you can continue improving your swing to achieve the level of professionalism required. Of course, there are a lot of tips you should implement. However, starting with these qualities is recommended.

  • 2. Make a straight shot

When hitting the ball, you should not emphasize achieving greater distance. Instead, the best way to hit the ball is as straight as possible. By doing this, you will be able to obtain a much more affordable result when considering the straightness of the shot.

Otherwise, hitting the ball in the wrong direction is likely to make any situation worse. It will be much easier to get away from your target instead of getting closer. So, a straight shot should be a priority rather than a greater distance.

  • 3. Better aim

Optimizing your aim within 6 feet is another way to play like a professional. So proper aim can provide professionals with a much more appropriate result according to their expectations. However, it does not require much practice to optimize stability here.

Even a large number of amateur players choose to start this way. From then by playing this way, achieving other goals will be a little easier. 

  • 4. Hitting more Greens

When you want to get within reach of most of the club’s professional players, it is advisable to hit the green with a wedge. However, you may lose some greens when you send the ball in the right direction. So, it is highly recommended to practice the distance and direction of each swing.

The acceleration should be constant as well as the rhythm of each swing. By doing so, you will notice in a very short time that the control over the distance is optimized properly.

  • 5. Optimizing the short game distance

In each part of the golf course, you should start to optimize your control over the distance. Distance should be closely related to direction when playing a short game. This way it will be much easier to beat other golfers who are at the same level. 

  • 6. Improve your pace

Of course, in a lot of competitions, there is excessive pressure that can harm the golfer’s ability. So try to keep a relevant and appropriate rhythm for each game. In turn, this tactic will allow you to play as you belong in the PGA tour.

  • 7. Knowing one’s physical capabilities

Knowing your physical abilities and your body is very relevant in any sport. This is important so that you can improve your swing with every shot. To play at a professional level, you must stop comparing yourself to others.

Instead, you should identify what are you’re strengths and weaknesses to specifically improve your swing. What may work for other professional players may not be so appropriate for you. 

  • 8. Optimize your nutrition

In any sport, it is necessary to maintain a specified diet tailored to you. In principle, a very nutritious and adequate breakfast should combine carbohydrates and proteins to maintain an excellent balance. 

At the same time, you should avoid fats and everything inappropriate for your body. Also, drinking an appropriate amount of fluids is as important as the fruits that you should eat before and after each game.

  • 9. Balance

Using an alignment shaft or stick may be the most efficient way to improve your balance. Even if you analyze the balance of other professional players,  you will notice that it is highly balanced and flexible.

Of course, not all players need the same balance to progress. As it works with your swing you should find the balance that best suits you.

  • 10. Improve pitching

If you want to lower the score during every golf game you play, you should work on improving your pitching. To do this, work on perfecting your swing while you control the distance and arm movement.

  • 11. Improve the capacity of analysis

When you start to get better readings of your shots, you can start to notice that your level of playing is improving. Try to analyze the combination of the angle of attack at impact, the club trajectory, and the face angle. This combination will allow you to hit with greater accuracy and optimal distance.

  • 12. Physical form

Of course, it is not enough to just improve your swing and performance on the golf course. You should also consider improving your body and physical capabilities. This way you will be much stronger and faster. Each of these qualities is essential if you want to enjoy optimal strength and speed in each swing.

Final WordsWe believe that following each of these tips can help you start to play at a professional level. So with the right attitude, and dedication, these steps will work for you, and help you improve your game to start playing at a PGA tour level.