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15 Expert Tips to Help You Win in Apex Legends

For glory, fame, and fortune, try these tips, tricks, and winning strategies.

Master the basics

Make the most of your abilities

Make it a habit to use your ability at least once per fight to find out where it proves most effective. You can get too focused on shooting to forget your abilities completely. Support your team with more than just bullets, whether it’s a scan, smoke, heal, grapple, or dome. – 

Revisit the tutorial area

Following the tutorial, you can try out every piece of hardware in the game, as well as quickly switch between characters and get a feel for how each plays without having to worry about incoming gunfire.

Get to know the Legends

Building a formidable squad requires understanding each Legend’s strengths and, more importantly, how they complement each other.

Pro settings

Adjust your FOV

You might want to adjust your field of view (FOV). By default, your movement will feel slower with narrower vision, and you might miss precious loot in your peripheral vision or worse, a dangerous enemy. To find the sweet spot, try expanding your FOV to 110, but if that feels too wide, try bumping it up to 90. You can always change it midgame!

Crouch button allocation

Getting the most out of Apex Legends requires a lot of movement, so switching up your controller layout early on can make it easier to get the most out of it. One common configuration is the ‘Button Puncher’ controller layout, which swaps between melee and crouch. With the right analog stick, you can duck and slide without taking your thumb off the directional controls.

Dropping into the arena

Drop early

Even though it might not seem like the safest of approaches, as a beginner, jumping in early where the action is hot is a great idea. As well as giving you more practice with gun play and thinking quickly on your feet, it will also allow you to obtain better armor and weapons. – Ivan Lovre Marusic, RPG Overload.

Drop late

Alternatively, you can pick a more remote area of the map away from the dropship’s path if you’d like a slower start to the game and the chance to loot in relative peace. – James Clement, Crazy Games


Weapon swap over reload

It is almost always faster to switch to a second weapon when facing an enemy than to dance around waiting for your gun to reload when you are facing an enemy. Having the best aim in the world isn’t enough when your enemy has already switched to their secondary weapon and is hammering you with bullets. – Edward Gibson, Game One PH

Long distance combat

If you are fighting enemies on the horizon, it is best to position yourself with every advantage you can. High ground is usually a good idea. And if you can get close unnoticed, aim your fire at one enemy.

Communication is key

In Apex Legends, it is essential to communicate with your team throughout every battle, either through voice chat or contextual pings. There’s no guarantee your friends will see the enemy and start firing. A helpful ping will let them know where to aim!

Timing is everything

Your goal should be to intervene as soon as the winning squad emerges from their battle and mop them up with a few easy shots while they’re still injured.

Armour swapping

A shield battery takes five seconds to pop and your armor replenishes in five seconds. Looting someone’s deathbox and taking their armor takes a fraction of a second if you’re quick. In spite of the fact that the new armor is worse, the benefit of having the entire team back in the fight is huge! In addition, if an enemy attempts to damage your old armor, it will retain its damage.

End game

Plan your last stand

As you have now reached the last few teams in the match, your goal is to decide where you want to take your last stand. Look at your mini map and use your contextual ping to see where you’re safe.You can also predict where remaining teams will be placed as the final ring closes. This is the perfect time to use your ultimate abilities. You can rain grenades down on your enemies, haze the area with gas, and make it difficult for them to escape. – Ivan Lovre Marusic, Game Taco.

Punch your way to victory

This is when your fists come into play – a quick right hook or flying kick into a fully armored combatant can send them flying outside the ring.

Last Legend standing

One thing to be aware of around the ring is getting trapped behind a wall or in a building. You could have the beefiest squad with the coolest guns, but if you’re on the right side of the ring, you’ll win. – Gearoid Grance, Britannica