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15 Painting Mistakes to Avoid

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Having your home painted is exciting. You can’t wait to see your home transform into the haven you’ve been dreaming of. Sadly, it’s fairly easy to mess up a home painting project. The process is more complicated than you imagine, especially if you’ve compromised on getting a seasoned painter to take on the project. The painter may use the best options, like Berger interior paint but may fail to prepare the surface or forget the distemper. Here are the most common painting mistakes that you must be mindful of, especially if you have local painters doing the job. And check out Perry Wellington Painters in Winnipeg, which can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. Professional painters will make sure that the paint is applied correctly to the walls and that there are no paint drips on the floor.

1. Ignoring Repair Before Painting

The importance of repairing walls, especially bumps, holes, cracks, or other imperfections cannot be overstated. If there are holes, the painter must use a tiny dollop of spackle to smoothen the surface, after sanding flaking paint. This should be given enough time to dry, followed by sanding again to achieve consistency. Now is the time to apply primer and paint. You could encourage the painter to use Berger’s Happy Walls acrylic putty, which has a  butter-like consistency that ensures a rich and smooth finish. It also has a Green Pro certification, making it a great choice for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

2. Discounting Waterproofing

Water damage can pour cold water on all painting efforts. To fix this issue, it’s essential to go to the source of the damage in your interior walls and determine the right kind of waterproofing solution that’s required. This can be easily accomplished with a moisture meter, which can detect trapped moisture in concrete floors, walls, and ceilings.

3. Painting Over Dirt

Bubbling or any kind of unsightly unevenness is one of the most common painting-related problems. This happens when your walls are not cleaned properly before painting. It can be caused by grime, crayon or other kinds of dirt accumulated on the surface, which needs to be vacuumed or dusted and then wiped clean with a damp cloth.

4. Using Super-Strong Cleaning Products

Cleaning your walls before the paint job shouldn’t take ultra-strong cleaning agents. For most kinds of dirt, a damp cloth, a multipurpose cleaner or diluted dishwashing soap can prove to be enough.

5. Forgetting the Primer

Often, it’s the primer that helps cover spackle or glossy finishes. Yet, inexperienced painters do not know the importance. Even if your walls appear super smooth, they need primer. This is especially important if you’re painting over deeper colours. Look for the air-drying, low-smelling BP Cement Primer, which is prepared with 100% acrylic binder and micro-fine pigments. Moreover, it is free from any heavy metals, making it an eco-friendly choice. 

6. Relying on Self-Prime Paint

One of the easiest painting mistakes to avoid is to be aware of the self-priming paint trap. Sure, this will save time, but if you’re switching to a different colour, you cannot risk peeling due to weather or other factors.

7. Not Using Masking Tape Right

Covering all the trims in a room with masking tape doesn’t actually work. The process takes a lot of time and the lines you get aren’t entirely straight. Also, many people end up taking the paint off altogether. The solution? Use a good-quality angled brush to get the job done.

8. Picking the Wrong Brush

For less experienced painters, it’s easy to use the brush wrong and leave marks on the walls, thanks to the bristles. Using a roller is a better option but one needs to ensure to not use too thick a nap for smoother walls. If you’re using Berger Paints for interior walls, remember that these are superior quality water-based paints and need brushes with nylon or polyester bristles.

9. Soaking the Roller in Paint

This is one major painting mistake on walls you won’t know how to fix until it’s too late. After dipping the roller in paint, it’s best to roll it up and down the roller screen or tray to ensure the nap doesn’t drip with paint.

10. Random Strokes Painting with the Roller

Generally, smooth and straight strokes from top to bottom should do the job. However, less experienced painters often press too hard and create marks on the walls. Instead, it’s better to dip the roller in paint again.

11. Rushing Through a Paint Job

You may have planned a housewarming, but a hack job will leave your walls looking less than perfect. Avoid such last-minute headaches with the Berger Paints Express Painting service, which not only gets the paint job done faster and more professionally, but also ensures your home is cleaned and disinfected before the painters leave. And all the monitoring can be done via a mobile app.

12. Painting Without Sanding Glossy Surfaces

A new paint layer won’t adhere properly to a glossy interior wall if it hasn’t been sanded properly. However, sanding and the subsequent cleaning are best handled by experienced professionals.

13. Choosing the Wrong Weather

Painting when it’s humid will greatly impact the drying time and heat could cause bubbling. It’s best to check with interior wall coating specialists if there’s an ideal temperature for a quick paint job.

14. Assuming One Coat Will be Enough

If you wish to make sure the colour layer beneath the fresh paint doesn’t bleed through and get a richer and cleaner look, you’ll need two coats of paint. It’s a good idea to seek painting consultancy from specialists who will give you an estimate of the buckets of paints needed for your exterior and interior walls.

15. Painting out of the Paint Bucket

There’s a good chance that dust or another kind of dirt will get into the paint bucket. Experienced painters pour small batches of paint out on a tray or into a smaller can for painting.

A painting job doesn’t mean you’ll have paint splashes all over your floor, on the switches and your expensive furniture. Expert painting services like Berger Express painting specialists will cover everything to ensure your home looks picture perfect when they leave. So, make the right choice, and experience a safe & protected home painting experience.