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2017 Primetime Emmy Awards on CBS Dip to Historical Low

'Sunday Night Football' on NBC Holds a Solid Overnight Advantage


What follows are the metered market household results by half-hour for Sunday, August 20, 2017:

Household Rating/Share
Fox: 9.8/16, NBC: 9.1/15, CBS: 7.5/13, ABC: 2.1/ 4

-Percent Change From the Comparable Year-Ago Week:
Fox: +654, CBS: -10, NBC: -13, ABC: -71

Ratings Breakdown:
Football last night prevailed over “The 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards” on CBS, which scored an 8.2 rating/14 share in the household overnights form 8-11 p.m. While that was almost identical to the 8.4/13 on ABC on the year-ago evening, last year’s telecast was also the smallest audience for any “Emmy Awards” telecast on record with 11.38 million viewers and a 2.8 rating in adults 18-49 (based on the Live + Same Day data). For the complete listing of winners, click here

The 34 to 23 victory for the Atlanta Falcons over the Green Bay Packers averaged an estimated 12.6/21 on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” from 8:30-11:30 p.m. As always, results for any live sporting event are always estimated.

On Fox, a 15.6/29 for the half-hour primetime football overrun at 7 p.m. into a 14.6/26 for pre-game “The OT” at 7:30 p.m. (both approximate) offered ample lead-in support to episode two of “The Orville.” This second Sunday night telecast of “The Orville” averaged an estimated 9.4/15 in the 8 p.m. hour, which is a 68 percent improvement from the already solid 5.6/ 9 debut one week earlier. Of course, “The Orville” will come down to earth, so to speak, when it launches in the Thursday 9 p.m. hour out of the season-premiere of moderately rated “Gotham” this week.

Also in originals last night was “60 Minutes” on CBS (#1: 5.4/10 at 7 p.m.) and ABC game shows “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” (#4: 1.9/ 3 at 9 p.m.) and “The $100,000 Pyramid” (#3: 2.0/ 3 at 10 p.m.), which could not compete opposite football and “The Emmys.”

What follows are the household overnight results for Sunday, August 27:

7:00 p.m.
ABC – “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (R): 2.3/ 4 (#3)
CBS – “60 Minutes”: 5.4/10 (#1)
NBC – Football Night in America, part 1: 1.6/ 3 (#3)
Fox – NFL Football: 15.6/29 (#1)

7:30 p.m.
ABC – “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (R): 2.6/ 4 (#3)
CBS – “60 Minutes”: 5.3/ 9 (#1)
NBC – Football Night in America, part 2: 2.3/ 4 (#4)
Fox – “The OT”: 14.6/26 (#1)

8:00 p.m.
ABC – “Celebrity Family Feud” (R): 2.3/ 4 (#4)
CBS – “69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards”: 7.8/13 (#2)
NBC – Football Night in America, part 3: 4.4/ 7 (#3)
Fox – “The Orville”: 11.4/19 (#1)

8:30 p.m.
ABC – “Celebrity Family Feud” (R): 2.3/ 4 (#4)
CBS – “69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards”: 7.9/13 (#2)
NBC – Sunday Night Football: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons: 11.0/18 (#1)
Fox – “The Orville”: 7.5/12 (#3)

9:00 p.m.`
ABC – “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome”: 1.9/ 3 (#4)
CBS – “69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards”: 8.6/14 (#2)
NBC – Sunday Night Football: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons: 13.8/22 (#1)
Fox – “The Simpsons” (R): 4.1/ 6 (#3)

9:30 p.m.
ABC – “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome”: 1.8/ 3 (#4)
CBS – “69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards”: 8.5/14 (#2)
NBC – Sunday Night Football: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons: 14.6/24 (#1)
Fox – “The Simpsons” (R): 2.9/ 5 (#3)

10:00 p.m.
ABC – “The $100,000 Pyramid”: 2.0/ 3 (#3)
CBS – “69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards”: 8.5/14 (#2)
NBC – Sunday Night Football: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons: 13.0/22 (#1)

10:30 p.m.
ABC – “The $100,000 Pyramid”: 2.0/ 4 (#3)
CBS – “69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards”: 8.3/14 (#2)
NBC – Sunday Night Football: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons: 12.2/21 (#1)

Source: Nielsen Media Research


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    • I thought it did because it was still on past 8:30pm although I had switched over to SNF at that point so Orville is more reflected in the 9pm hour.

      • I’m sure FOX is happy to pass off Football numbers as Seth’s. It will help justify its glorious renewal in spite of no viewership… (an old story repeats itself).

          • Good to read you Larry. 🙂

            Yes, we certainly will. As usual, I wish they were less promotional, especially when they don’t have much to promote…

              • As the late Chick Hearn used to say: “you could call that in Braille”..! 🙂

                Seth MAcFarlane failing is a fact of television life. His failed shows getting endlessly renewed another one. It will only stop when the cash will be completely exhausted and the owners will finally demand real management and not let executives and “creators” shove their money down each other’s pockets…

                • Oh I just love you Rena for referencing Chick Hearn, what a great announcer he was for the Lakers!

                  That’s very true about Seth MacFarlane and a fact of television life. He’s been living off of the past for a long time now but none of his shows have been doing well for years now. Family Guy is like 10 years past its prime and he’s still living off of that show.

                  • The game is in the refrigerator, the door’s closed, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard and the jello is jiggling!! 🙂

                    Too bad they decided to abandon most of the Chick-isms on Laker broadcasts. Chick was a great part of the show. 🙂

                    Did you know he was once referred to in a judicial opinion? The Judge wrote: “No foul, no blood, no ambulance”…

                    I do not understand why FOX keeps genuflecting in front of a man (Seth) who keeps not delivering for them. It’s just bizarre.

                    There’s a few like him but his case is the worst…

                    • Yeah those Chick-isms were great and it doesn’t surprise me that a judge would write that. That guy’s a legend and you’re right they should’ve kept his his Chick-isms on the Lakers broadcasts so the youngsters who didn’t get a chance to listen to him can realize how great he was.

                      Yeah I’m surprised Seth got this opportunity to waste more money and bleed more money for them. He’s committing a great crime at this point and probably the best in the industry right now.

                    • Great broadcasters can make sports a lot more interesting. Chick was one of them. He was always a supporter, but never partisan and told it like he saw it. 🙂

                      The most absurd thing is how he talked to the people shoving money down his pockets during the strike. Insulted them like he knew he was so protected they’d to to keep sending the millions his way.

                      Because of his media presence, he is probably the worst example (Greg Berlanti makes more flops but at least we don’t have to hear his opinions about everything…)

                    • Yeah I think Chick is one of the last great broadcasters because these sports have become way too corporate over their broadcasts that nothing is authentic anymore. Chick was someone who actually announced for fun because he had a passion for it.

                      Yeah Seth is cocky and arrogant too as I remember that during that strike that was when Family Guy was at its height but karma has been coming his way with these flops.

                      You’re right about Greg Berlanti when was the last time he had a hit? Dawson’s Creek? That was like the late 90s. LOL!

                    • Good point about the Corporate ownership. It’s too bad because knowledgeable enthusiasm is catching. 🙂

                      On those two guys, I never thought at the time those shows were hits (the media said they were but they really weren’t) and it’s they claim to fame.

                      Berlanti’s career is amazing as he keeps failing and Hollywood treats him like he’s King Midas…

                    • Yeah it’s just a damn shame because we don’t have announcers who love to do this for a living and not just for a paycheck.

                      I can’t believe Berlanti is still getting work I don’t get it. He must have something over people’s heads in Hollywood and threatens to keep work going for him.

                    • I’ve thought that Seth M must have picture of Rupert with a donkey for years… 😉 Same thing for Berlanti. This mania of re-hiring people who keep failing by making bad product is baffling isn’t it?

                      I don’t know the less gifted announcers don’t like their job. They may just be bad at it, and we’re in an era where connections trump all.

  1. Read layoffs on ABC. They haven’t tried to please their base. We soap fans are still mad. I thought one of the highlights of the Emmys was Sean Spicer. That was hilarious. Boy was it political. Over all thought it was a good show. Just don’t watch the majority of the shows that won.

    • ABC just hasn’t been the same ever since they took All My Children and One Life to Live away it’s been a steady decline ever since 2012. They can do their base a favor in reboot one of the two shows and put them back on the air.

  2. I would guess that most of the country felt the way I did that the Emmys were just going to be a giant “bash the president” party and I just didn’t want a whole evening of that.

    • It fuels up more reason to not watch these horrible award shows anymore. The Emmys have been the worst of the major award shows for over a decade now.

    • Same here other than music awards I stay clear of The Globes, OSCARS, Emmy’s etc just not into the political bashing at all next to that I don’t watch the movies or TV shows that get the Noms anyway.

  3. Makes sense. Television shows have also dipped to an all-time low in quality and ratings…

    I’m surprised that many people still bother to watch those people making bad shows congratulating each other on a job poorly done…

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