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2019 Year in Review: A Year of Accomplishments and Innovation for Socati

2019 offered important and exciting opportunities for Socati to define itself as a global leader. We not only proved ourselves as an internationally renowned CBD company, but we also accomplished ground-breaking progress. Here are just a few of our accomplishments from 2019.

We opened a seed genetics facility in Woodburn, OR.
In 2019, we opened a new facility in Woodburn, Oregon. Tyler Spurgeon led our team of 25 new employees in opening this revolutionary genetics facility that has already made progress in acquiring new hemp varietal. The most exciting of these is the CBG-rich genetic varietal, which immediately translated into introducing a new suite of CBG-rich ingredients. Their efforts led to an exciting jump forward in development and production, the fruits of which should continue to be seen in years to come.

We purchased Blue Marble Biomaterials.
In April 2019, we added Blue Marble Biomaterials in Missoula, Montana, to our family of companies. As a manufacturer of sustainable specialty compounds, Blue Marble is an important acquisition, particularly paired as it was with the purchase of the facility that is certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The facility, along with its knowledgeable team, has helped catapult Socati to a whole new level of production. We’re now an industry-leading supplier of CBD-based ingredients. James Stephens, former CEO of Blue Marble, has led the transition effort. The new acquisition of such an expert team of 47 talented individuals, in particular, has supported our ability to quickly move forward with a focus on innovation and productivity.

We formulate and produce better products.
At Socati, we’re passionate about what we do. It is our mission to continue to formulate and produce a superior product in keeping with our four pillars of product development:
● precision
● consistency
● safety
● quality

By following these important tenants, we have positioned ourselves to deliver the high-quality value proposition that our clients want and need. With the formulation and launch of the CBG product, we are the first to market with a refined product that can precisely meet the specifications of our customers. The new CBN broad-spectrum oil further amplifies the possibilities of formulations designed for targeted ratios.

The latest encapsulated formulation includes water-soluble CBD ingredients, with precise targeting to satisfy growing consumer demand. It’s a best-in-class product, with a crystallized option for beverage mixes. The latest formulations and unique flavors will lead to greater accessibility to support the monumental growth in popularity and demand for CBD products.

What Will the Future Bring?
With so many important milestones accomplished in 2019, we’re excited about the strategic direction that Socati will take in 2020. We’re already an industry leader, but steps taken in 2019 will continue to facilitate further growth and development in the coming days. We already provide high-quality ingredients and products. Now, our talented team will continue to build upon our strengths and push into new territory as a precision cannabinoid company. We’re ideally positioned and uniquely qualified to deliver upon the advanced technologies that we’re developing to power cannabinoid brands. Join us as we continue to deliver the precision, standards, and sophistication that you’ve come to expect.