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2022 Guide on Best Gambling Practices in Hong Kong

There are tons of tips and advice about how gambling should be done. But there is no perfect practice to adopt, which has made players interested in the holy grail of the gambling world.

This article will discuss some of the best gambling practices you can adopt when you play your favorite games on any of the best casino sites from this guide.

8 Proven Gambling Practices That Work

Here are the best-proven gambling practices that players can use to make profitable bets

Follow a Budget Formula

No average player stops at one game collection; it’s always exciting to hop on table games after some spins on slots. It is, therefore, common practice to keep a budget formula before staking your first bid. 

If you plan to stake $100, you can split it between the different game collections, $25 for Slot games, $50 for Bingos, and $25 for Table games, or in your preferred order. Just make sure the total stakes do not exceed your budget formula, and you’ll enjoy your game way better.

Make Small Bets

There is little benefit in large bets, so most experts advise you to keep it “slow and steady”. Although low bets mean low rewards, large bets mean significant losses. Unless the rules state that higher bets give you a higher winning chance, you don’t have to go down that road.

Yes, It sucks winning $500 with a $3 bet when you could have won $5000 with $30. But the smaller bets guarantee you more extended gameplay, and who knows what lies in store? 

So, except if you’re interested in leaving the casino early, there is no rush in landing your big wins. 

Play Skill Stop Games

If you’re new to them, then Skill Stop games are those options you get when you spin, and rather than wait for the reels to settle in their own time, you can stop it anytime you want. It should not be confused with the quick stop feature, which does not affect the spin result but instead speeds up the process.

As long as you believe in your luck, skills, or both, you can play skill stop games and use your expertise to stop the spin at your own time, affecting the result and boosting your chances of self-determined landing results.

Play Short Odds

You’ve heard quite a lot about enormous odds and the tremendous results they give, but no one hinted to you about the loss players experience with them, too, because the higher the odds, the higher the risk of it not going in your favor. 

Expert players prefer to stake on the short odds because they have more probability of winning on this stake. So, next time you play, you might want to imbibe this practice in your gaming pattern.

Leverage from Experience on Free Games

Free games are not just for newbies; they exist, so you can’t test the depth of the water before jumping in. However, by staking on free games, you get a real experience of what it feels like and test features you’ve only read about in reviews or descriptions.

If you’re out here for fun, it won’t hurt just to enjoy the free games and save your money while at it. Or you can stake lowly on the games while keeping an eye out for the volatility and variance.

Avoid gambling on House Edge

House edge is a gambling vernacular the game’s RTP. While it might be as simple and expressive as just 3 figures, you should not base your assumptions on it while staking. The idea that the casino only takes 1-10% of your stakes sounds exciting. The truth is you don’t get the rest of the 99-90% because it’s often distributed as a reward for all players. 

The low house edge doesn’t mean you somehow get to keep most of your wagers, as it only applies to the long-term play. So unless you are sure of hitting the jackpot or landing a big win, the house edge is just a number you should avoid gambling on 

Play Low Volatility Games

Gambling strategies such as Martingale encourage you to increase your wager in the hope of hitting the jackpot since it’s all about risks. But this is wrong because playing on bigger jackpots with bigger stakes only means you are running higher risks.

Low Volatility Games offer small rewards, but there is a guarantee that you get these prizes frequently. Meanwhile, high volatility games mean you get large prizes, but they appear less often. You are better off staking low amounts on low volatility and watching as your winnings stack than putting all your eggs in a basket.

Use Time Management

Gambling is fun until it is no longer when it becomes emotional. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern the difference once you’re in the gambling spirit. You can’t control the odds and winning chances, but you manage your time.

Just like you get the idea of withdrawing a certain amount at the ATM point, you should catch the clue when it’s time to stop playing. Of course, you can regulate your game budgets, but even that may not be as effective.

If you wish to play more than one collection, you can split the time into different frames for different games. But always remember that it’s time to head home when the time’s up and the bell tolls.


Some of these practices will get you little rewards because it involves being prudent with your games, but it will also mean you are in total control of your game and not prompted by the elusive rewards.

You can play and stake as you wish if you don’t care how much you win or lose, but if gambling is a serious area for you, you need to make informed choices and follow the best gambling practices.

There you have it! Gambling is a game of Risks, but it never hurts to play it safely and smartly.