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2022 Honda Talon Pros, Cons, and Review

The Honda Talon is a compact crossover that offers a versatile and affordable way of getting around. The design team led by Atsuhiko Yamada wanted to give the Talon an edgy, athletic look and feel about going with its peppy performance. For some 20-something buyers, the Talon is an appealing alternative to a sedan or hatchback because it can carry them from mall-crawling in suburban areas to off-road adventures in tougher terrain.

Pros of 2022 Honda Talon

1. High-Tech Looks:

The Talon has a futuristic look, courtesy of LED headlights and taillights that provide the car with an unmistakable signature. All the dashboard controls are touch-sensitive. The instrument panel includes an LCD in place of an ordinary speedometer and gas gauge. It displays such information as how much gas is left in the tank, whether you are using premium fuel or regular, how many miles per gallon you are getting, and your average speed.

2. Honda Reliability:

Like all Hondas, this car is incredibly reliable and durable compared to other brands of vehicles. This car has ABS brakes, traction control, and a stability system that works with the brakes to keep you from skidding on slippery roads. It also comes with side-impact airbags for your and your passengers’ protection.

3. Long-Lasting Upgrades:

The Talon has plenty of good updates on the powertrain and suspension, which means it runs well with minimal maintenance over time. It has an all-wheel drive, which helps it run in inclement weather with little trouble. Its traction control system is called Active Torque Vectoring and works hand in hand with the brakes to keep you from getting stuck on slippery roads because they don’t work together very well most of the time.

4. Roomy Interior: 

The Talon seats five people comfortably, including an optional third row of seats that can accommodate two more passengers or their luggage, depending on which is needed more. The rear seats fold down to make extra cargo space available if required.

5. Sporty Styling:

The Talon has a stylish, fastback styling with a long front overhang and wide rear tires. It has dual exhaust tips on the back, which add to its sporty look. This car is available in several colors, including Pearl White, Black Sand Pearl, and Guarding Gray Metallic.

Cons of 2022 Honda Talo

1. Poor Acceleration:

The acceleration is not very impressive. It will take at least ten seconds to reach 60 miles an hour, which is slower than most vehicles in the same class. These are some reasons why Honda suggests you only use this car on the highway and never try to accelerate in congested areas.

2. Poor Handling:

This car may seem agile on-road tests, and it can handle turns well, but its handling can get sloppy on rough roads due to a lack of ground clearance, at times making its handling more erratic than that of other cars with more ground clearance.

3. Poor Performance:

This car is best as a commuting vehicle. It has poor performance on winding roads, and it is not suited for off-road use. The shocks are too soft, so they can’t handle bumps in the street. This car is better suited to driving around town on smooth roads than taking long road trips.

4. Relatively Uncomfortable Front Seats:

The front seats are reasonably comfortable, but the rear seats are hard on the back and legs. The ride is noisy and rough. The engine is loud under hard acceleration.

5. Lacking in Safety Features:

This car has a good set of safety features such as ABS brakes, stability control, and side-impact airbags. However, it lacks a tire pressure warning system or an anti-theft system that can shut off the engine if someone tries to break into it.

Review of 2022 Honda Talon

The Talon is an affordable, high-style way to get around. It is not a car that you can rely on for your next cross-country trip because of its poor gas mileage and poor handling on winding roads. But it is the type of car that will appeal to some 20-somethings who live in smaller towns or suburbs, where most people drive short distances for routine errands. One can find Honda Talon accessories on eBay and from Honda dealers.