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2022 Tech Predictions: Cloud Computing & the Metaverse

It’s no secret that the way businesses interact with digital products and services has evolved exponentially over recent years. Now, as 2022 begins to unfold, organizations need to recognize new perspectives within the tech industry to streamline their operational processes. Emerging technologies and breakthrough methodologies make room for new predictions of future trends. However, there are two specific ones to keep an eye out over the years to come: the growth of Cloud services and the Metaverse’s potential to become a prevailing element in business and tech. 

Growth of Cloud Computing in 2022

Cloud Computing’s ongoing expansion will continue throughout this year and beyond. Many of the top cloud predictions for 2022 indicate there is a clear trend with businesses looking to leverage cloud solutions as remote work becomes all the more ubiquitous. Organizations consider the cloud to be critical for the optimization of their core operations. It brings security, convenience, efficiency, and many other benefits to every type of business. 

The migration to the cloud enables companies to improve cybersecurity, flexibility, and efficiency, as well as reduce costs. For these reasons (and many others), businesses will continue to rely on the cloud for both systems and storage. Many will use multiple cloud systems to distribute applications, assets or software. Thus, the technology is a must-have for companies all across the board.

Versatile Capabilities of Cloud Computing

Businesses all over the world are generating huge amounts of data. In order to leverage this information and glean practical insights from it, ones they can use to improve their services, companies are turning to cloud solutions. 

Cloud has the capacity to deal with constant fluctuations in staffing constraints, internal IT limitations, supply chain disruptions and more. This is greatly thanks to its efficient security and the cloud’s capability to increase storage space and easily adapt to the Internet of Things (IoT). Both public and private cloud infrastructures, as well as hybrid public-private configurations, will become essential for these purposes. Cloud computing is already central to any organization’s strategy and operations, pandemic or no pandemic. That’s why businesses will rely on the cloud for both systems and storage.

Some additional benefits include: 

  • Lowering overall costs for an organization.  
  • Avoiding data management barriers and vendor lock-ins.
  • Distributing applications via multiple cloud systems.
  • Using improved management to deal with the increasing amount of data generated each day.

The Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is an IT infrastructure that connects public and private clouds, as well as the data between them. We already see that this will play a key role for companies moving forward. Such environments function cohesively in many ways, bringing the best of both worlds to businesses. Organizations will be turning to hybrid cloud solutions to gain flexibility and scalability. Combined solutions will also enable businesses to plan ahead and achieve agility

Adopting a Multi-Cloud Strategy 

This means using different cloud services in a wide range of environments. It also helps to augment a Hybrid Cloud Strategy. This diversifies the workflow, spreading data, apps, assets, and tools among them. Essentially, it’s about expanding the digital presence without growing the physical presence. This way, it provides an avenue for an approach to digital transformation that can address several post-pandemic concerns at once.

What to Expect From the Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual world that is expected to take things past the world wide web as we know it. A place where individuals can co-exist to perform work or participate in activities related to sports, gaming, networking and more. Although it may still be facing early challenges and limitations, it holds great potential for business expansion for many companies from across industries. 

Organizations will start to analyze how to take advantage of the development stage of the metaverse to expand their overall reach. One promise of the metaverse is that it represents a compelling new way to collaborate and get work done. From a strategic standpoint, understanding the potential of how to deploy these applications in the future is key. 

The possibility of knowing how to incorporate this into day-to-day operations holds great potential and could become the ultimate work tool for businesses for all sorts of industries. The use of such applications can range from the implementation of digital products, gamification, and advertising, to leveraging hardware sales and optimizing remote work. 

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