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2024 Mokwheel Lightweight Urban Electric Bike Review: Asphalt

2024 is an exceptional year for Mokwheel enthusiasts. The ebiking fleet from Mokwheel has welcomed several new additions. These ebikes cater to a diverse audience, offering new possibilities for RVers and urban commuters alike. One noteworthy addition is the Mokwheel Asphalt – an exciting lightweight ebike equipped with a powerful motor.

Since its release, the Mokwheel Asphalt has garnered praise from early buyers. Initial electric bike reviews highlight numerous positives alongside a few areas for improvement. Owing to your interests in Mokwheel Asphalt, it’s time for us to conduct an in-depth test of the ebike and unveil details about its specifications, performance, and features. Let’s get started!

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Design and Build Quality

Mokwheel Urban Electric Bike Reviews consistently reveal exciting ebikes that align with customer desires. The Mokwheel Asphalt, tailored for urban commuters, arrives unassembled in a reliable box. The components are carefully packaged, and show no signs of damage during transit. The assembly manual facilitates a smooth assembly process. 

The ebike boasts an impressive style for a city commuter. Mokwheel, known for catering to diverse user tastes, maintains this tradition with the Asphalt, providing it in three colors: denim, orange, and khaki. The matte black finish on fenders, handle, and crankset provides a pleasing contrast with each of the three base colors.

While the technical components are primarily metallic, ensuring durability, the Asphalt incorporates plastic in fenders and throttle control. Nevertheless, the quality remains on par with the rest of the ebike. The frame, constructed from standard Aluminum 6061, reflects Mokwheel’s design focus on practicality and aerodynamics.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Key Features and Specifications

Reviews of lightweight electric bikes should examine the promises the ebike makes and subsequently assess whether it fulfills them. Let’s delve into the key specifications of the Mokwheel Asphalt. 

The Asphalt features a 500 W rear hub motor delivering approximately 65 Nm of torque; it is powered by a 705.6 Wh battery, providing an ideal range of 50-60 miles. The throttle-only range impressively reaches about 40 miles, outperforming its competitors. Mokwheel includes a standard 48 V 3.0 A charger, capable of charging the battery to 80% in approximately 3 hours.

Similar to its competitors, the Asphalt offers 5 pedal assist levels and can reach up to 28 mph on PAS 5, with a maximum speed of 20 mph in throttle-only mode. Notably, the Asphalt is equipped with a torque sensor, a feature uncommon in ebikes under $1500. The torque sensor significantly enhances the riding experience, providing better control over your speed.

The use of Aluminum 6061, along with compact parts, reduces the ebike’s weight to about 60 lbs, enhancing its maneuverability and providing a good riding range.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Riding Experience

An electric bike’s best reviews are incomplete without considering more than just the specs. So, let’s discuss how the ebike performed in real-time riding. The 500 W motor produces decent speed and acceleration to keep up with city traffic. Accelerating and transitioning between gears is smooth without any noticeable jerks. 

Maneuverability is effortless, thanks to its reasonable handlebar length. Riders can maintain an upright posture and easily steer, even at high speeds. The 100 mm adjustable front fork absorbs bumps on regular urban roads, ensuring the ebike remains sturdy throughout the ride. It attracts attention when driven at night, with integrated side and rear lights adding to its style while the front light illuminates the road. It suffices for urban commuting needs.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Battery and Charging

Reviews of lightweight urban electric bikes emphasize utility over style. Hence, we focused on how well the ebike suits urban commuters. In terms of the battery, it performs impressively compared to other ebikes in its class. 

The Asphalt features a 705.6 Wh LG battery known for its durability. Riders can expect a range of up to 60 miles at PAS 1, with the range decreasing slightly as motor assistance increases. You can expect about 35 miles at PAS 5 with an average speed of 23. Although the charging performance could be improved, the 3.0 A charger takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery. Considering the long range, the charging time is reasonable.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Safety and Accessibility Features

Another important aspect of electric bike reviews in 2024 is safety and accessibility. Mokwheel Asphalt fares well on our rating scale. It features Tektro’s hydraulic brakes that are highly responsive and long-lasting. The braking distance averages about 26 feet from the top spee of 28 mph. The tires provide a sturdy grip, enhancing the ebike’s riding comfort.

In terms of utility, the ebike’s added payload capacity of 300 lbs lets you carry additional items on the free rear rack that comes with the ebike. The cockpit is well-designed, with all options within the rider’s reach. Mokwheel has improved the central LED performance, making it visible even in direct sunlight. The thumb-throttle is effective, clearly an upgrade over the half-twist throttle.

Mokwheel Asphalt Review: Price and Value

In our urban electric bike reviews, Asphalt stands out among the best ebikes for navigating congested urban centers. The ebike incorporates all the necessary features urban users desire, albeit with a few downsides. 

Retailing at $1499, the Asphalt comes with several complimentary add-ons that enhance its overall value. With a torque sensor, hydraulic brakes, and a 700 Wh battery, the ebike offers commendable value for its price. In comparison to its competitors, Asphalt lands an advantageous position, thanks to its torque sensor, suspension, and stylish design.


  • Powerful 500 W rear hub motor for efficient speed and acceleration.
  • Impressive 700 Wh LG battery providing a substantial range of up to 60 miles.
  • Inclusion of a torque sensor for enhanced control over speed.
  • Responsive Tektro hydraulic brakes ensure safety and quick stops.
  • Stylish design with three appealing color options: denim, orange, and khaki.
  • Durable metallic components contributing to the overall longevity of the ebike.
  • Adjustable front fork with 100 mm suspension for a smooth ride on urban roads.
  • Value for money at $1499, with additional free add-ons sweetening the deal.


  • The seat could be made more comfortable for longer journeys with an additional foam layer.
  • Substituting plastic components could enhance the ebike’s overall quality.
  • Additional tools may be required for assembly beyond those provided with the package.


As we conclude our electric bike review, let’s summarize the key takeaways. The Mokwheel Asphalt proves to be a valuable addition for urban commuters. Its motor, battery, frame, and riding performance matches any premium urban ebike. Whether commuting to the office, gym, or anywhere in the city, the Mokwheel Asphalt stands as a solid choice.


Backed by a 2-year warranty and a 15-day refund policy from Mokwheel, you can purchase the Asphalt with peace of mind. Existing Mokwheel users have had positive experiences, and the brand’s focus on customer support is evident from their publications. If the Mokwheel Asphalt piques your interest, you can find more information on Mokwheel’s official website. Explore the options today.