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3 Best March Madness Bracket Contests For 2022

NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament is amongst the most significant events in the US sports industry. Popularly known as March Madness, the contest will soon kickstart in March, with main events on April 2 and April 5. From the initial rounds, Sweet 16, Elite Eight to the Final Four and championship game, the nail-biting March Madness Bracket Tournament always provides a lot of exciting wagering opportunities. 

Let’s understand what is the March Madness bracket challenge in detail.

Table of Content

  • What’s the March Madness Bracket Challenge? 
  • How Do You Make a Bracket Challenge?
  • Best March Madness Bracket Contests 
  • Has Anyone Ever Had a Perfect Bracket?
  • Conclusion

What’s the March Madness Bracket Challenge? 

March Madness bracket is a grid template representing a path for basketball teams. This annual tournament begins with a bracket of 64 teams. But with every round, the teams reduce to half until the game reaches the much-awaited Final Four and NCAA Championship event. 

Simply put, you have to predict the winning team for all 63 matchups and the national championship winner. You will earn points for the correct prediction in every round. Moreover, the point value increases with every subsequent game. 

Ultimately, the player with the highest points in each group wins the March Madness bracket competition. Newbies trying their hand at this contest for the first time can check out how-to videos posted by NCAA. If you’re wondering, has anyone ever had a perfect bracket? We’ll reveal this later.

How Do You Make a Bracket Challenge?

It is time! Join the March Madness bracket contest with your coworkers, pals, or family members by filling out your selections for the tournament. Here’s how in three straightforward steps:

  1. Print an NCAA bracket for March Madness office pools to get a comprehensive overview. You will easily find a bracket template on any online site like Safest Betting Sites printable bracket.
  2. Next, create a strategy for your pick for each round. It is on you what method you want to apply to place a bet on any team, i.e., tossing a coin, analyzing statistics, or keeping track of past results. However, it is also vital to choose a few upsets until the Final Fours. 
  3. Fill out the prediction on your bracket. Sit down and enjoy the game while waiting for the final result. Each winning pick will take you closer to a bigger cash prize.

Best March Madness Bracket Contests 

Wondering what are the best March Madness bracket contests this year? Check out the three best sportsbooks where you can satisfy your desire to participate in the annual online event and win some lucrative cash prizes.


An ideal sports betting site to try your luck on the soon-to-begin March Madness contest. Above all, entry to the competition at this site is free!

Its $1,000,000 March Madness Bracket prize is a treat that no punter will like to neglect. Besides, the players securing the ranks 5th to 30th stand a chance to win $12,000 cash. 

You will also find a range of betting options on BetNow, including money line, total, spreads, and in-competition bets. So, the betting limits on BetNow vary based on your chosen bet type. 


Another sportsbook you can consider to wager for March Madness Bracket Bracket 2022 is SportsBetting.Ag. It’s one of the most preferred bookmakers among US punters. So you know redeeming your winning bet won’t be a hassle on this site.

The March Madness contest on this site has a massive $250,000 prize pool. A $75,000 reward is waiting for the final round win. There is also a cash prize for the top 1,000 players.

The entry cost of the contest is $25, but you will receive a discount with every following purchase entry. Moreover, the bookie offers a Free Play reward to members purchasing two entries before February 28. So hurry up!


Ruling in the betting market for over a decade, you can’t overlook BetOnline for playing the March Madness contest. You can enter the game up to 20 times on this platform with a discount on every purchase.

This sportsbook also offers the grand $75000 cash prize to the winner. Besides, the lowest prize money on BetOnline is $50 for bettors holding 701 to 1000th position. Within 72 hours, your winning amount will credit into your account.

Has Anyone Ever Had a Perfect Bracket?

Well, a simple answer is no. A perfect bracket had been a dream that never came true for many. But during the 2019 NCAA tournament, Gregg Nigl had a close shot. He is the first bettor to achieve 49 correct game-winner picks till now.

Wrapping It Up 

The ball is not always in your court when it’s about the annual NCAA Tournament. The right pick till the finale is a challenging task in the March Madness Bracket Contest. It is indeed a pure game of luck. Nevertheless, predicting which team moves further till the Final Four and who takes the national championship title is one heck of a fun experience anybody will enjoy. Just make sure you play with the brain rather than your heart.

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