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3 Common Lies Job Applicants tell Employers

Hiring new employees for your office is a daunting process as you are going to share business details with strangers whom you met only a few hours ago. Job applicants lie during their employment interviews, and you cannot take every word of the applicant as a fact. Hiring managers and HR managers have to make tough choices about hiring new members of the team. Apart from fake certifications, many applicants actively try to con the interviewer.

The first thing that you need to do is to start looking for jobs. You can find job postings on the internet, in newspapers and magazines, and on social media. You can check out for expert advice about how to Get Employed Again.

How to make Hiring Authentic?

Having legit and trusted members on board is the goal of every CEO and manager. If culprits manage to pass your personal screening modules, they can be a serious liability for your firm. Using the help of professionals for background checks and police checks is a safe move in the business world.

For the safety and integrity of the business and organization, you cannot afford to have even a single employee who can cause troubles later on. Police check service providers have access to the police database for the authenticity of the applicants. They focus on points that are inaccessible for business managers and employers. Background checks can make this hiring process a lot easier and efficient.

Common Lies by Job Applicants

If you want to secure your data and information from internal and external breaches, make the hiring process hard and invulnerable to exploitation. Here are some common lies job application tell employers:

1. Criminal Records

Criminal record history is the most critical point for employers. Although employers are asked not to discriminate applicants based on their previous criminal activities, yet running police checks is important. It is human nature that we all want to hide our negative sides, so most of the applicants tend to lie about their previous crimes and felonies. Some will even reach out to a record expungement attorney to have their charges erased entirely from the records.

You don’t need to worry about this issue as an online criminal history check is a guaranteed solution to deal with such cases. Background checks and police checks can help you to make smart and informed decisions. Whether you want to obtain it from a local police station like a police check Victoria, or online, both are equally suitable for the purpose.

2. Curricular Attainments

If higher qualification means better hiring, job applicants might feel an urge to add fake qualifications. These lies can include falsifying degrees or fake prestigious institutes in the CV. You cannot stop the process of fake degrees, but you can make sure that no such person enters your team. Background checks for the job applicants aim to explore those aspects of personal or professional life that are going to impact their credibility for the job.

3. Inflating a Title or Salary

This one is a strategic lie to lure the new employer into paying more salary. Job applicants might exaggerate their previous salary, but you can always verify these credentials from the previous firm. If you are having a hard time contacting the previous firm, you can ask for the professional background check services.

Final Verdict

The lies and the attempts to falsify credentials can vary depending upon the nature of the job. Whether you are hiring for executive posts or the internees for the firm, police check and background check services can help you to hand-pick the right candidates for your company.