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3 Countries in Europe Which Will Pay You to Move There

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Imagine moving into a new place where you’ll actually get paid for living in the country. Many countries worldwide are offering incentives to people who are ready to move in and settle down for a few years. For example, many regions offer expatriates and digital nomads startup grants to lure startup owners and more prominent entrepreneurs. You can also find countries offering financial incentives if you are ready to renovate the property and make the place lively by living there for a minimum time.

Europe is one of the most chosen destinations by many travelers and remote workers. There are many countries in Europe which pay you to move in, have exceptional healthcare facilities, and provide high salaries and diverse cultures. In this article, we’ve listed the top 3 countries in Europe that will incentivize you to live there in 2021.


 Spain is a culturally rich country where you can find a diverse lifestyle in every region. However, because of urbanization, many people have abandoned their properties and agricultural lands in the villages. The homes and properties left behind in the abandoned town are in requirement for renovation and maintenance. Therefore, the local government of the regions has decided to make these abandoned villages alive by paying people to start a new livelihood in the locality.

A locality named Ponga, Asturias is offering €3,000 to families who will move into the town and renovate the house they’ll live in. Besides, any baby born in the city will receive an additional €3,000 from the government. A similar town in the Mountains of Galicia – Rubiá is providing €100-150 per month to people ready to move into the locality. What’s more? You can also buy an entire village at discounted prices, but you have to agree to bring the town back to life.


This beautiful country is surrounded by lovely landscapes and beaches. The food, wine, weather, and culture of Italy will make anyone fall in love with the country. However, some places in Italy have been abandoned by people who moved to bigger cities for a better lifestyle. So, you can now get paid to move to Italy.

A beautiful village in the Apulia region – Candela is offering an incentive to people ready to move in and restore the place with a new township. The town provides excellent activities like horseback riding and other local cultural activities. For any family moving to the village, the provincial government will give €2,000. Couples will receive €1,200, and singles moving in will get €800. Movers will also receive tax credits. To move in and purchase a house, you must earn €7,500 a year.

Another town in the Abruzzo region – Santo Stefano di Sessanio-provides up to €44,000 to people aged between 18-40 to move into the town and repopulate the area. This scheme is for both the EU and Non-EU residents. However, the mover should have an Italian residency card and commit to starting a business and living in the town for a minimum of 5 years.

The latest addition to the list is the region of Calabria. The village has less than 2000 people because many moved to bigger cities for better career opportunities. Movers will receive €1,000-€800 for the first three years, summing up to €28,000 approx. You can look at a prestiti senza busta paga if you’re in need of a little short term help when you get there as well. 

Switzerland – Albinen 

The local council of Albinen in Switzerland is providing €21000 to people who are ready to move into the village. However, before you sign up for the incentive, you must commit to living in the town for a minimum of 10 years. In addition, you must have a formal residence in the country, which can only be earned by living in Switzerland for 12 years or married to a Swiss resident. It might sound like a lot, but the beauty in Albinen and the fact that the place offers the highest salaries to expats will make you want to move to the town immediately.