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3 Different Types Of Solitaire Card Games You Must Know About

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As the name suggests, the solitaire game is made for players who are unable to find an appropriate player for them. Yes, it is right; in every card game, you will notice that there are at least 2 to 5 players, but there are no opponents in this game. The player has to play with the standard deck of 52 cards on their own. When you are alone and have made up your mind to play solitaire card games, you have to face a big confusion. 

The confusion is which free solitaire game to play. There are various kinds of solitaire games that can be played with a single deck of 52 cards. “”If you do not know what the different types of solitaire are and want to know which game will probably be the best for you, then here is the list of games we gathered with the help from gambling expert Peter Burton from Aus Casino.” It will help you to decide which game will be the best for you.”

Klondike Solitaire 

Klondike is the most played game if we compare it with the other normal type of solitaire followed by Solitär Spielen. More than 50% of the players are willing to choose Klondike over other types of solitaire games. The details about the game are mentioned below. 

  • There is a serving table on which the cards are divided into seven different columns. 
  • Every deck’s top card is faced upside, and the remaining cards are required to be drawn out of the pile. 
  • The game’s rule is that you have to arrange all the cards with the same sign in one column in a proper series starting from ace. For example: – four different foundation cards are spades, clubs, diamonds and heart.  When you are starting with stacking up a pile of spades, then you have to arrange the cards from king to the ace of the spade in a series and the same with other cards also. 
  • In the layout of the seven decks, if any of the space is empty, then it will only be filled with the help of the king. 
  • When you are arranging the cards, you can place the card of one colour under the card of another colour but always take care of the fact that you should always place the cards in a descending order series. For example:- you can place a card of spade under the club, but a series like a number 5 will always be placed under number 6. 

Pyramid Solitaire 

The next game that you will come across when you are willing to play solitaire card games is pyramid solitaire. The one aspect that differentiated this card game from others is the setup of the game.  Here you have to shuffle the deck as usual. After that, you have to start forming a pyramid of the card. In the first row, you must place one card, after that arrange two cards, then three and like this arrange seven cards which will give you a pyramid structure. The rest of the cards must be placed in a draw pile used during the game. 

The rules that are to be followed when you are playing pyramid solitaire is:-

  • One by one, the person should start drawing cards from a deck of cards. If one is able to use the card, then it is fine; otherwise, the card can be covered by the next card and can be used later on. 
  • When the total of two exposed cards becomes equal to 13, then the set of cards can be put aside. This discarding of the cards depended on the choice of the person. 
  • Let us suppose that there is an 8 and 5 exposed in the pyramid, then you can discard it and at the place of that fit a new card from the deck.  If you have no card to discard, then this card fitting is done from the deck’s pile. 
  • The value of face cards is considered 1 for an ace, 11 for jack, 12 for the queen card and the king is valued as 13, which is the maximum.  The king can be discarded alone also from the pyramid if you see the possibility. 

The game’s main aim is to discard the cards of the pyramid in a set of 13, and at last, there should be no card left in the pyramid. 

Golf solitaire 

In the golf solitaire, there is a deck of 52 cards, out of which 35 are dealt into seven rows. Every row has five cards each which is set in an overlapping fashion. Apart from that, five cards are set in a waste pile, and the pending ones are kept as stock. In this game, you have to turn all the seven rows into a single waste pile within the limited time possible. In the waste pile, a person can either follow the descending order or ascending order also. 

Rules of the game are:-

  • The card’s movement from the rows is only possible if there is no other card in the row. 
  • The ace and the king in the game cannot be played with each other. To play the ace, you require a number 2 card. 
  • After the round is completed, the score will be decided based on cards that are left in the column. The card that is left in a deck will be subtracted from the total score you have gotten by moving the cards to the waste pile. 

Apart from these three games, there are some other games that you will come through when you want to play solitaire card games. Those solitaire games are:-Spider 1 suit, spider 4 suits, Yukon, 3 card Klondike, scorpion and much more.  You can choose any of the game out of all of these, but one should keep in mind to follow all the rules and regulations of the game. 

The rules for every game are different, and so are the tips to be followed for playing the game. So, you must know the game in detail and after that start playing around these solitaire games.

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