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3 Easy Ways for Roofers to Get New Customers and Increase Sales

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The roofing industry, according to Market research and IBIS is expected to reach nearly $20 billion by the end of 2021. The industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Today, roofs are extremely crucial and it’s maintenance an important feature as more homes are built in the future and the industry is hard-pressed to find certified personnel. Nonetheless, despite these impressive figures, it is still a daunting task to grow your business and expand your customer base. 

Do you know what to look for when hiring residential and commercial roofing services? Here’s everything you need to know about these essential home renovations done by Nailed It Roofing in Charlotte, NC.

Why You’re not attracting new customers.

Right now, despite all the figures, the economy is somewhat shaky right now. All analyses estimate that this year like the last, and the next few ones will be marked by an unstable economy. An economy that’s more bearish with bouts of bull mentality. An economy that hasn’t tanked, but due to speculation, the current climate post-pandemic climate, and budget reforms, is still extremely cautious. This in turn means that outside forces are pressing construction projects and also limiting most consumer’s budgets. 

Another factor weighing down on most roofers is the way the internet has become key to their business. The internet has become a major headache for most roofers. Their whole business now finds itself partly driven by digital marketing strategies and e-commerce mentalities. Most struggle to get new clients and are being bogged down by overcomplicated issues regarding content management and SEO. Most try to focus on tactics disregarding their overall strategy — and experiencing flop after flop. 

Factors that make it difficult to find new clients.

Surveys have determined that 7 factors are right now influencing the roofing business — 7 key components that most roofers are experiencing problems with. 

  • Ineffective online marketing and digital lead generation.
  • Reliance on insurance companies and their deductible.
  • Difficulty with sales. 
  • Lack of skilled labor.
  • Reliance to the weather.
  • Reaching key decision-makers

3 ways of attracting new clients. 

We can’t fix the weather – although we highly recommend investing in drone technology and VR platforms. Both of these technologies allow you to inspect roofs and help clients get a better idea of the result of their investments — to see how their purchases and renovations will turn out. Nevertheless, we can help with a few of the key components listed above.

Cultivating a relationship with realtors 

Identifying and meeting key decision-makers in your area is crucial. 78% of roofers have indicated that the best way to find work is through referrals. In your area, the top people you want to form a relationship with are realtors. They move the market. Realtors are always looking for valuable personal they can invoke in the case of an emergency. People they can introduce to clients and know without a doubt that they’ll leave a good impression. 

There’s a greater chance of a roofer landing a contract if the client was consigned to them through a referral.

Deductible software 

Two of the biggest problems that affect a roofer and prevent them from expanding their operations are cash flow and deductibles.

Insurance slows the contract negotiations and payments. It’s something that up until now the construction industry had little control over. Roofers had to wait for payments to materialize — creating payroll problems, overhead issues, and headaches with suppliers. 

On top of that, most contract negotiations entered a limbo of sorts as the crucial problem of deductibles was mid-arbitrage — the clients battling the insurance company. Deductible software, like the one offered at FMD LLC, allows roofers to reduce not only their paperwork and routine tasks but offer much better financial conditions to their clients.

Local market

Over the past year or so, roofers have experienced a 10% increase in labor cost and up to a 25% decrease in able professional hires. In other words, they are paying more for less qualified personnel. This is a trend affecting most industries right now, not just construction. Assembly lines feeling the brunt of a year of confinement and laborers who are reevaluating their lives and livelihood. 

Right now, we are a long way away from robot roofers, so we have no other choice but to settle for the flesh and bone type. Roofers who hire local talent not only get great help but also form much stronger bonds with the community. This in turn means they get better referrals and sometimes first crack and community projects. Roofers that hire local talent have incremented their revenue by 30% and decreased their expenditure. 

A growing industry

The roofing industry is going to explode in the next couple of years, so it’s important that when that eruption takes place professionals have the necessary tools ready to meet demands or hire experienced marketing experts like National Roofer Marketing Agency to help you with your business.