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3 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Even though some may have thought that social media, various apps, and chatbots would become the predominant way of communication with customers, email marketing still stays the crucial element needed for business success. 

This said no matter how experienced you may be in crafting engaging email marketing campaigns, you’ll often face specific issues. You may wonder why your deliverability rate is low or why your open rate is slow. 

But all of this can be expected. Bear in mind that your potential customers’ inboxes are overflowing with similar emails battling for their attention. So if you want your email to stand out among others, keep reading This article will focus on the most common mistakes you can make in email marketing and show you the best practices and tools like email checker to avoid them

1. You Haven’t Updated Your Email List Lately

You haven’t paid much attention to your email list and it has grown old. Some contacts may have become inactive a long time ago.

And you need a fresh and clean one to make your email marketing campaign successful. You need to create a new list filled with contacts interested in your product or service who want to hear from you. 

So what should you do?

Here are some simple steps you can take to create a healthy list of engaging contacts

  • Make it easy for your customers to subscribe to your list. Nobody likes guessing games consisting of too many steps. 
  • Play cautiously with incentives. When you offer prizes just for a subscription, you can undermine the quality of your service or product. If you believe in your brand you need to attract people genuinely interested in it. You don’t need hacks.
  • Always have a link leading to your subscription on your social media posts. This small step can grow your email list fast.

2. You Haven’t Checked Your Email List 

The fact is that you need to grow your email list. But the question is how much is really enough. When your list contains an endless number of emails that are either unused or contain typos. It can become an overwhelming task to handle an extensive email list. So you need to canvas your existing list and remove all obsolete contacts.

You can start by looking for frequently bounced mails, and remove them as they start bouncing. Bouncing emails represent a huge risk to your send score driving your emails to a spam blacklist, destroying all your email marketing efforts. Furthermore, make sure to identify and remove all the inactive subscribers from your list. By doing this, you will put those engaged in your brand under the limelight.

Clearing your email lists can be a time-consuming and painstaking process unless you reach out for an efficient email tracker to check whether your emails are deliverable, risky, or completely useless, removing them in no time. This efficient tool will save you precious time that you can dedicate to creating compelling content for your email marketing campaigns.

3. Your Content Sounds Generic

Your email marketing campaign success depends heavily on the message you send to your subscribers. Creating a healthy email list of subscribers interested in your topics isn’t enough.

You need to approach potential customers on a more personal level to get their attention. This is why you need to stop sending bland, robotic emails and take these steps to attract potential clients. 

You can start by using a catchy subject line and continue by addressing them by their first name. This can make a lasting impression on your potential clients and bring you success and profit.

This is a shortlist of the most common mistakes made in email marketing. Luckily, all of them are solvable thanks to an employee tracker and a fresh approach to specific issues.