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Why Design Clients Need the Ability to Edit Their Own Content

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Most clients want the ability to edit their website content. It’s easier for them, and they feel better having some control. Although there can be some issues when a client edits their website, here are three reasons it’s generally a positive experience for both designers and clients.

  1. Editing content is easy

Perhaps the most important reason clients should be able to edit their website content is that it’s easy. It makes sense to set them up with an editor and teach them how to make small changes.

Most popular web editors are easy to use and require just a little training. However, the Webflow platform makes editing easier than it’s ever been. Webflow not only lets you design with a blank slate, but it also makes it possible for your clients to edit content directly on their website.

If you want your clients to edit their own content, consider designing their site using Webflow to give them the best possible experience.

  1. You won’t have to make small edits

Web clients are notorious for asking designers to make small edits on a frequent basis. This might not be so bad if they don’t mind paying your hourly minimum for each edit. However, being asked to make frequent edits is time-consuming and frustrating.

When your clients can edit their own content, they won’t call you to adjust the copy on their contact page, change their footer color, increase their font size, or try out a new typeface. These small changes will add up over time, so allowing your clients to do it all will be a relief.

  1. Your clients will feel empowered

Web clients love feeling like they are in charge of their website. From the moment you begin working with someone, they usually want to call the shots – at least where the design elements are concerned.

Clients feel empowered when they have direct control over their website, including elements like colors, typography, content placement, font color, and other aspects of their site’s design. If they want to skip your expert suggestions, they can.

Considerations for allowing clients to edit their content

Although it supports both you and your clients when they can edit their own content, here are two points to consider.

  1. Clients who edit their own content might make mistakes

When a client edits their content, there’s a chance they’ll make a mistake and get stuck. When this happens, you’ll be the first person they call for help. Some clients will expect you to help them for free when they get stuck, so it’s essential to include this specific situation in your contract.

Are you willing to help your clients troubleshoot and/or fix errors once their site is complete? If so, be sure to include your fees for this type of service. Web design clients are predictable. If you do one small editing/troubleshooting favor for a client, they’ll expect more freebies.

If you’re not willing to make edits or help once the project has been delivered, make that clear as well. Be upfront with your clients, though. You don’t want to give them false hope that you’ll be available for endless edits.

  1. Do you offer a guarantee?

Do you offer any kind of guarantee to your clients regarding their website? Once you allow clients to edit their own content, it’s critical to specify how their edits might impact your guarantees.

For example, say it’s three months down the road and your client accidentally deleted the CSS files you customized for them and you no longer have copies. Say this client is losing sales because their site looks bad. 

Even though they deleted the files, your client might think it’s your job to fix their site as part of your guarantee. This could perpetuate the infamous never-ending editing cycle designers know so well.

In your contracts, make sure to specify that your guarantees are voided when the problem is caused by a user error on the client side. This will give you something solid to point to in your agreement when your client asks why you can’t fix their site for free.

Empower your clients – they’ll be happier

At the end of the day, web clients are happier when they have more control over their websites. If you don’t already make it easy for your clients to edit their content, start doing so with your next project. With the right editor, you won’t be tied up with requests, and your clients will be happy they can make minor edits on their own.