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3 Reasons You Should Be Using E-Signatures

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Do you run a business or otherwise do work that involves regularly signing documents? If so, you should strongly consider switching to e-signatures or using an online signature instead of relying solely on traditional ink signatures.

Some mistakenly assume e-signatures are a novelty or fad that will pass eventually. That’s unlikely to be the case. There’s good reason to believe e-signatures will actually grow in popularity as more and more people become aware of their benefits, which include the following:

Improved Security

It’s understandable if you’ve been hesitant to embrace e-signatures because you’re worried about security issues. That said, you should know that e-signatures may actually be more secure than traditional signatures.

This is because e-signatures aren’t merely digital images that resemble handwriting. This is a fairly common misconception. A genuine e-signature features coding and algorithms that make it unique. In order to forge an e-signature, someone would need access to the computer and login information of the person whose signature they were attempting to forge.

Gaining access to someone’s device and login information is substantially more difficult than simply copying their handwriting, which is a skill many already possess. Thus, forging an e-signature is a massive challenge that few would be able to successfully overcome.

Reducing Waste

The amount of money you spend on printing and shipping paper documents may be much greater than you realize. However, once you start using e-signatures and digital documents in place of physical paper copies and ink signatures, you’ll quickly realize that doing so will help you reduce spending to a significant degree.

This can also be helpful for your brand if you run a business that has any sort of relationship with the public. According to numerous surveys, consumers are increasingly emphasizing the importance of supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability. If you limit your consumption of resources in any way, even if it’s as simple as using less paper and ink, you could theoretically make a better impression on your customer base. Taking a simple step like this might even help you attract new customers.

Avoiding Disputes

Remember, e-signatures are by no means easy to forge. Quite the opposite. Along with helping you avoid the obvious problems related to forgeries, using e-signatures can also help you avoid potential disputes with everyone from clients to business partners.

Consider the following example: for any number of reasons, a client decides they want to suddenly back out of an agreement after signing a document. If they’re less-than-scrupulous, they might attempt to do so by claiming their signature is actually a forgery.

With a traditional ink signature, it could be difficult to prove they are lying. This might result in a prolonged dispute that isn’t beneficial to any of the parties involved. On the other hand, if you used e-signatures, it would be much more challenging for a client (or anyone else) to make such a false claim.

Ink signatures have been widely-used for literally hundreds (if not thousands) of years. It makes sense that some are reluctant to abandon them. However, e-signatures have been quickly proving their value. You should take advantage of them sooner rather than later.