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3 Stages of House Construction In Lahore

If there is one thing that I have learned in the past 10 years as an architect in Lahore, it is that building a house in Lahore takes work. Lahore is one of the most sprawling yet expansive cities. However, even if you have decided to start construction of your house in Lahore, you need to understand that it is not just one decision. It is a series of steps that you need to take. 

For those who are not familiar with the more minor details and want to know so much in a short space, this blog is for you. As owner of the hadesignstudio, one of the best architectural firms in Lahore, I have tried to produce as much information as possible for the raiders to understand the house construction process in Lahore. 

For the convenience of readers, I have divided this blog into three main steps, which are actually the three main decisions that you need to make. Each step requires capital and the expertise of a professional firm. 

Before you start construction

The first step in the house construction process will always be the process that you need to understand before you even start thinking of construction. This step contains all the paperwork and the approvals that you have to take from relevant authorities. Whether you are living in autonomous bodies such as Bahria and DHA or under LDA jurisdiction, you have to get your house map approved. 

It should include all the details of your material use, purpose, and other more minor details. Remember that this is one of the most tedious processes, and it is not possible to get it approved without the help of a professional architect. 

Here, we at H-A Design Studio offer our services and get them approved for you. 

Starting the Construction: Grey Structure

The grey structure is the most essential step in building your house. It is the beginning of the finishing process and the end of the long major work. However, it is also one of the most expensive steps.

For the grey structure, you have two options: either build it yourself (if you have time) or hire a professional house construction firm like H-A Design Studio. 

A professional construction firm will help you streamline the whole process, monitor budget spending, and maintain quality. 

When the grey structure is complete, your house is 60% complete and ready for the following very sophisticated step, which is the finishing step. 

Finishing and Making it Livable

If you have made it past the grey structure step, congratulations, you are now very near to your very own house, where you are free to do anything. The finishing step is also one of the most crucial steps. This step is further divided into smaller steps, such as wiring, plumbing work, tiling and installing fixtures that give your house “a home” look. 

This is also where most mistakes are made. Whatever you will install at this step will determine how your house looks. So, an architect is a must to understand which thing and of what quality should go where; you cannot spend a million on a bathroom while your living room is gasping for more money, right?

After you finish the finishing step, you will own a house where you are ready to make memories. 

There are hundreds of resources online that can help you find where to purchase and the best construction materials. H-A Design Studio also has some ideas lined up for you in our personal blog; go check it out. 

In the end, if you are a first-time owner, it is always wise to hire professional architect and house construction firm in Lahore to construct your house, which is your dream place to live and raise your family.