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3 Tools to Help Increase Productivity

It can be easy to lose productivity throughout the day, but advances in technology, customer expectations, and globalization have increased the need for higher productivity. Productivity refers to how well an individual or business converts input, such as labor, materials, machines, and capital, into output, your goods, and services.

Today, productivity is not just measured by input and output variables, when it comes to increasing your productivity in your life, or at work, it comes down to working smarter. Look for opportunities to improve your efficiency in your business. Integrated HR and payroll automation software are also one of the major used by business to streamline payroll and HR.

Look at what is holding you back from being productive in your company, do you have unhappy staff? There is PC monitoring software available to see exactly how employees are using their time. Is your attention being diverted to areas that are not your strength? Have you considered looking into help with managing the HR department of your business? If you have a small business and are struggling or using up a lot of your productivity on matters such as onboarding employees, payroll, and other human resource issues, this is when to use a PEO company.

What is a PEO?

A PEO company can help you with all the problematic administrative and HR tasks, help with payroll, risk mitigation, compliance, and getting your employee’s health and dental benefits that can help lift the team’s morale. PEO is the acronym for Professional Employer Organization. These companies work with small businesses to help by managing payroll-related taxes, human resource functions, access to benefits, and other employee-related administrative tasks that are necessary for running a successful business.

PEO companies subcontract the employees of your business, so employees have two employers, you, the small business owner, which is in charge of the day to day functions and assignment of tasks, and the certified PEO company, which will take care of HR-related services. Included in the human resource-related services are consulting safety and risk mitigation, workforce management, training, and development.

Employee Productivity

The most comprehensive approach to boosting employee productivity is the implementation of an ISO 9001 quality management system. With ISO 9001, work processes are streamlined and integrated, rework is reduced or eliminated, and decision making improved. ISO 9001 can be inexpensively and quickly implemented in-house using a Do-It-Yourself ISO 9001 toolkit. In-house implementation has many advantages and leads to the most efficient work processes.

Keeping yourself and employees productive will ultimately be decided how successful your business will be. This does not have anything to do with the number of hours an employee puts in at work, but it does relate to how much work they do in those hours. There are many factors that can influence employee productivity in the workplace, such as poor health, employee attitude, unsuitability, and an uncomfortable work environment.

An excellent way to boost your employee’s productivity is to supply them with the proper technology to do their job. When your employees have the right tools, they can manage their tasks and make the most of their time, knowledge, and resources. Effectively using tools in the workplace will help improve accuracy and boost productivity.

Here are three useful tools businesses can use to help boost productivity.

1. Trello

With Trello, employees can work collaboratively and get more done. It will allow individuals or teams (at other locations) to manage and prioritize projects and lists easily. The basic version is free for Trello, but Trello Gold or Trello Business Class are paid and have many more unique features to help your employees work more productively.

2. OnTheClock

OnTheClock is used online and is a time-tracking tool where employees can keep track of time and employee punch locations. This web or cloud-based application allows supervisors to see which employees are punched in or out. The tool also has other smart features, including payroll reporting integration, a mobile time clock app for employees, time-off tracking, and the option for a free trial. OnTheClock can be easily integrated into your process in three minutes.

3. Basecamp

Another software tool you can use for project management is Basecamp. This tool helps with increasing accountability, more effective communication, and keeping everyone on the team on the same page. Basecamp gives supervisors the ability to assign tasks to specific employees and to participate in discussions that will help with increasing the team’s focus, time, and work towards improving employee productivity.