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3 Useful Tips Before You Buy Lost Mary Disposables

Nowadays, disposable vapes have become extremely popular among people. This type of electronic cigarette comes in a wide range of forms and sizes. As a result, people often have a hard time picking between these vapes.

Lost Mary vapes are one of the newest disposable vape ranges, introduced by Elf Bar. In addition to being a sleek-looking device, their vapes have many cool features. However, even Lost Mary vapes come in a wide variety.

So, if you want to pick the right Lost Mary disposable, dive into this article and learn more about them.

What Are Lost Mary Vapes? 

Lost Mary vapes are a highly popular disposable range and a brainchild of the Elf Bar brand. This product line began in 2022 and has since taken off.

Their vapes have a dual mesh coiling technology, and there are many flavors to pick from. They are also known for their unique and ergonomic design. 

Two of the best-selling Lost Mary devices are MO5000 and OS5000.

How to Pick the Right Lost Mary Disposable? 

When buying a Lost Mary vape, you should consider the following factors for an effective purchase.

1. Choose the Right Flavor for the Perfect Throat Hit

This brand’s disposable vapes have a unique and refreshing flavor for everyone and their tastes. From tropical fruity undertones to intense alcoholic tastes, you can pick the one you like the most and enjoy a flavorful throat hit.

The most popular Lost Mary flavors include Cherry Lemon, Watermelon Ice, Pink Lemonade, Mad Blue, Lemon Sparkling Wine, and Juicy Peach.

However, along with the flavor, high-quality steam production is a significant factor contributing to a great throat hit. Due to the presence of mesh coils, the e-liquid vaporizes quickly and forms dense clouds of vapors, giving a sapid hit.

The vapors produced in MO5000 are relatively thicker, rendering the users a strong throat hit. Thus, this disposable vape is ideal for those who like taking intensely flavorful puffs.

OS5000, on the other hand, produces a gentler steam and leaves behind a softer throat hit. This makes it suitable for those looking for a relaxed vaping experience.

2. Check the Vape Battery and e-liquid Quantity 

When buying online disposable vapes from Lost Mary, you must look into their battery life. Generally, these vapes are rechargeable and have good battery life, ranging from 650mAh to 2000mAh). 

If you are a regular vaper, pick a high-capacity battery. It will last long on a single charge. But a regular-capacity battery is good to go if you are a newbie or vape occasionally.

You should also look into the e-juice quantity inside these vapes. Lost Mary vapes have a high e-liquid capacity in the range of 13-13.5mL with a safe nicotine content (only 5%) and infused flavors. Thus, these vapes tend to last longer and are safer.

3. Consider the Puff Count and Prices

Always look into the puff counts of disposable vapes while buying one. It is not only because the number of puffs decides the vaping experience but also because it is a major determining factor for the price. More puffs mean higher pricing and vice-versa.

Lost Mary vapes offer a wide range of puff counts, from 200 to over 5000. So, accordingly, the price varies, too. No matter the puff count, these vapes are relatively affordable. Even for a 5000-puff disposable, you can get it at around $19.99-$22.90.

Thus, you can easily get your hands on Lost Mary vapes without burning a hole through your pockets.


The Lost Mary vape range introduced by Elf Bar has many disposables with advanced features. You can experiment with different variants before deciding on the one you like the most. However, follow the tips mentioned above to make the right decision.