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30 Min Forex Trading Strategy

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Everyone in this world is busy, and a trading routine should be able to customize one so that it can help you in saving time as well as mental stress ultimately. It is going to improve your lifestyle as well. Have you been looking for a 30 minutes trading routine? If yes, then here you will have to get some ideas.


Once you’ve done installing the trading platform, ensure that you consider the 30 Minute Trading System. There are remaining moving averages that occur between them. All moving averages, when placed together, must produce a very clear trading signal. Some terms need understanding:

  • RSI

RSI helps you to know the strength of the prevailing trend. When looking for the long opportunity, RSI rising and vice versa must be taken into consideration.

  • MACD

MACD histogram is the aspect that has been moving in positive and negative territory. The cfd trading south africa signals generated by the moving averages get the confirmation on behalf of MACD.

Step 1 

Chart analysis of New York close 

End of day chart analysis turns out to be very important whenever it comes to the trading analysis. New York closes at 5 p.m. New York time works with the real close of the Forex market. In addition to that, you will always make sure that you are going through the analysis of it. Besides, there is a need to also make trading decisions based on the daily start time.  Always make sure that you have looked up only at the previously closed. Make sure that you are going to the market every day and analysing the market, making the trading decisions.

Step 2

Setting and forgetting 

The next part of the 30- minute trading turns out to be the set and forget trade management approach. The process always comes with a couple of purposes. The first and the most important thing that you will have to note in this case is that it largely eliminates the potential for human error. Setting and forgetting to turn out to be essential for letting yourself not get addicted to watching the charts throughout the day. 

The second biggest purpose, whenever it comes to the set and forget approach, is that you ensure to only stick to it for some time of the day and not wasting a whole lot of time behind finding it out. With that, it will be giving you 100% control over yourself as well as checking out the markets.

Step 3

Buying the trade rules 

You should always consider placing the trade in case any of the following scenarios are occurring: an indication that the price will be driven up by the 3rd indicator that you should choose. Always have the consideration of the CCI indicator breaking above the 0.00 level. Ensure that you are looking at the 14EMA cross below the 21 EMA. The other way of taking the consideration is taking the profit signal. In case the master MACD histogram is falling below the 0.00 level, also ensure that you have an idea regarding placing the stop loss above the short-term resistance area.

Step 4

Minding the Sell Trade Entry Rules

It is always to consider entering with a “sell” position. The condition states that you can do so when the 14 EMA (violet) crosses below the 21 EMA (blue). Also, the other condition is that the histogram of the Master MACD Indicator breaks below the 0.00 level. Mind whether the blue line of the CCI breaks below the 0.00 level. Keep in mind to Place stop loss above the short-term resistance area.

Step 5

Minding times to Take Profits with a Sell Entry

You can consider taking profits under the circumstances like when the EMAs cross in the opposite direction of a sell signal. More precisely, it is the time when the 14 EMA goes above 21 EMA. Also, mind when the histogram of the Master MACD goes above the 0.00 level. Mind the point when the blue line of the CCI Indicator breaks above the 0.00 level.

Final words

We’ve stated the best 30 minutes Forex trading strategy that you need to follow to get the desired results. So, go ahead with the trading on the platform by following these above-mentioned points.