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4 Cloud Security Threats To Be Aware Of This Year

Getting your cloud fully secured is crucial since many crimes suffered by companies happen online. Cybercriminals continue to get more sophisticated every year. This means that their methods are more dangerous and difficult to protect businesses from.

Consequently, it’s important to learn about potential cloud security threats. Here are some of the worst.

1. Data Leaks and Data Breaches

Right now, almost the entire world is connected because of powerful tech innovations like the cloud. However, while this has brought a lot of benefits, it has led to a fully-connected ecosystem that criminals can easily attack. Many businesses have decided to shield themselves from this by hiring companies like Orca Security.

Two dangerous methods used by cybercriminals include data leaks and breaches. What makes these so terrible is they usually happen quietly and discreetly on your network. Unfortunately, by the time victims become aware of the attack, it’s already too late.

Preventing this from happening is key and can be done by implementing the right measures. Otherwise, you run the risk of hackers obtaining a great amount of data that they can then use for their advantage.

2. Data Loss

Another cybersecurity threat you can suffer in the cloud is data loss, which has become common in different nations where the cloud security of companies is just too weak.

Data loss usually takes place when the system has been successfully breached and cybercriminals start stealing data and information in the shadows. After this, hackers sell your data and information to third parties or could ask you for a large amount of money to get it back.

While this problem has become too big, what many companies have been doing to protect themselves is backing up data in the case there’s a serious data breach.

3. Access Management

Given the fact that so many companies around the world are currently using cloud applications and solutions, there has been a significant increase in the need to manage who is allowed to access your network and who’s not.

While the vast majority of companies and organizations make this happen with password-protected applications, that’s not always enough to get the job done. Cybercriminals take advantage of the situation to access your network and steal your business data.

Getting to this point, it’s important to remember that access management is nothing more than an ongoing process that involves different types of operations, including tracking, controlling, and identifying authorized users’ access to some applications or systems. It involves creating different processes to keep the types of access privileges strong enough to prevent cyber criminals from stealing data.

4. Insecure APIs

This is one of the worst cloud security threats you can suffer. Many companies and organizations worldwide suffer from insecure APIs, considering that they’re openly exposed to the internet. This represents a major problem since businesses usually depend on APIs for mission-critical processes and applications.

We’re talking about a pretty delicate problem considering that APIs are extremely susceptible to a breach, which could lead to massive data loss. Believe it or not, almost 95% of businesses experienced an API-related security issue last year. Unfortunately, APIs still have a lot of security flaws that need to be solved by each company and organization according to its own security needs.

Final Thoughts

While there are other cloud security threats you could suffer this year, the four mentioned above are some of the worst. Be sure to protect yourself and your company from data leaks, breaches, and loss. It all starts with becoming aware of cloud security threats and how to deal with them.