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4 Different Types of Restaurant Phone Systems You Should Know About

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If you are in the restaurant business and are wondering what could be done next to improve the service quality for your customers, then you have stopped at the right place. Some of you might have already updated your food joint with a good phone system, but for those who haven’t, it’s high time you must employ one. 

Even in this digital era, attending to phone calls is a crucial part of any restaurant business. You can build trust with your customers while you converse with them over the phone. A system with automation capabilities can help reduce your workers’ time attending to the calls. That’s why it would be wise of you to invest in a reliable restaurant phone system. Here are a few of them for you to consider. 

The KSU (Key Service Unit) Telephones

The KSU telephone is the best choice for business teams with lesser than fifty workers. It has a multi-line system, which makes it perfect to be used in companies or restaurants. 

They are mostly preferred in the small business sectors because they are affordable and easy to use. You do not have to train your staff to use them. KSU systems come with basic features like paging, speakerphone, holding lines, and intercoms. But keep in mind that customers do not wish to be kept on hold for long. 60% of callers are likely to hang up within a minute. And if your customers’ ages fall between 18 and 24, they won’t even wait.  

The Non-KSU Telephones

Well, you may find that the KSU restaurant phones are more than what you require as you may be running a small local food service establishment. If that’s the case, a non-KSU phone might best suit your purpose to attend to the occasional calls from the customers. It works just like the home landline. 

A non-KSU phone system will serve them well who need few phone lines – precisely fewer than five. They are user-friendly and within your budget. On top of that, you can install them all by yourself.   

The PBX or Private Branch Exchange Systems

If you have a chain of restaurants located throughout the city, a PBX phone system will work best for you. It can transmit calls from one location to the other (a feature that the KSU and non-KSU phone systems do not have).

If you are looking for a customized phone system with privacy features and advanced functions, you must opt for the PBX phone system. This system is an excellent choice for restaurants situated at various venues because it can operate more than forty phone lines. 

The VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol Systems

And if you are inclined to install a phone system that can help you cope with the digitalization all around you, VoIP systems are the one-stop solution. They operate solely on the internet connection. But if you do not possess a reliable net service, you will not gain anything by installing this phone system. 


Now, it will depend on your business which of the above phone systems will work for you.