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4 Ingredients for Getting Rid of Prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, an organ that plays an important role in maintaining a man’s sexual health. The prostate is the one that ensures the secretion that constitutes most of the sperm, a substance that fulfills the function of transporting sperm to the outside.

The prostate also closes the urethra during sexual arousal, which prevents sperm from entering the bladder, and in this case, we can say that the prostate gland works like a valve.

Another important function of the prostate gland is the production of prostaglandins, which are a type of hormone.

It is clear that without treatment, prostatitis disrupts the normal functioning of the prostate gland and leads to the development of diseases in the genitourinary system in general, so treatment for these urological diseases should be started as early as possible. from the first symptoms.

What to do to cure prostatitis

A diet such as “dieta indiana” is a good start. This can be combined with veroslim, but that will not be enough by itself.

If you want to get a normal life back, here is a good option: Urotrin.

This supplement is designed to treat and eliminate the problems of prostate, impotence and premature ejaculation. The manufacturers of the supplement claim that after a single course of treatment men, regardless of age, will be able to eliminate the most common causes of chronic and acute prostatitis, will be able to regain their libido and sexual power, and will get rid of fatigue and apathy.

The product does not contain synthetic ingredients that could cause side effects. Moreover, following a study conducted and presented on the official website of the product, in over 98% of cases, men who experience prostatitis do not need additional drugs or supplements to get rid of this condition.

And because the reviews are important as well, we took a look to a forum and the people say that Urotrin helped them to get rid of prostate dysfunctions (urotrin păreri).

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What does Urotrin contain?

Urotrin capsules are made from 100% natural ingredients, their combination being carefully chosen by scientists to provide immediate care to the beneficiaries. More information about this product and the properties of the ingredients can be found on the official website of the manufacturer, but we also offer some information to convince you of the action of the treatment.

Pine extract

Urotrin contains pine extract which can restore libido levels and regulates hormonal balance, as it contains testosterone and androsterone. Pine extract has a high protein content and helps fight fatigue, giving the body an increased level of energy.

At the same time, iron helps store energy and helps cells produce the energy needed by the human body.

Cranberry extract

It is a miracle ingredient, with extremely strong and effective antibacterial effects that help eliminate bacterial infection from the genitourinary system. It contains proanthocyanins, a substance known to kill bacteria.

Besides that, cranberry extract can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and degenerative diseases of the nervous system. They have beneficial effects on hypertension, reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar levels, maintain the health of arteries and heart muscles. In addition, it facilitates the circulation of blood to the brain, thus improving its oxygenation.

Chamomile extract

It is rich in coumarin lapte de migdale, it purifies the blood, which means that it ensures a rapid oxygenation of the urinary system. It also improves the body’s assimilation of vitamins.

According to a study, chamomile extract compounds contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and the “fight” against infections.

Nettle extract

It improves sexual performance, eliminates the causes of prostatitis and stimulates the secretion of testosterone, being a key ingredient in the normal functioning of the genitourinary system.

Nettles contain compounds with terci de ovaz that can relieve inflammation and relieve pain, and stimulate the production of nitrogen oxide, which helps to dilate blood vessels.

The formula of Urotrin capsules has recently been improved, providing patients with absolute care. The unbeatable therapeutic effect has its roots in the process of pressing plants, an extremely effective process in extracting bioactive substances.

As for how to take Urotrin we find this information on the manufacturer’s website. How to use it is simple: you need to take 2 capsules a day (morning and evening) for 30 days. For complete information on how to take Urotrin it is advisable to read the instructions on the package leaflet carefully. The balanced and harmonious combination of ingredients is the one that addresses the major causes of prostatitis, significantly improving the condition of the male genitourinary system.