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4 Online Gambling Facts

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Even though the online gambling industry is worth billions of dollars nowadays, it is surprising how little people who gamble actually know about online casinos. Whether you have played a couple of poker games online or you have never stepped foot into this world, there are some amazing gambling facts you should keep in the back of your head.

Online slots are the golden goose of the online gambling industry

Online slot machines are almost the exact copy of the slot machines you can find in land-based casinos. The technology works in the same way since both slot machines use random number generator programs. Yes, even those slots in regular casinos that look like mechanical slots are powered by a computer program. On every slot machine, there is a number of spinning reels, and each of those reels has several symbols on them. Each symbol has a certain probability of coming up on any spin, but not all symbols have the same probability. For example, the chance that a dollar symbol will show up is 1/10, but when it comes to cherry it is 1/20. The designers behind these games program all these probabilities and make sure that the house always has an edge over the player. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can never win. It just means that the players will spend much more money than the house will eventually give to the winner. Since slots are a game of luck and do not require any skills or previous knowledge, they are very popular among online and offline gamblers, which is why they generate a large profit for the industry. 

Don’t believe everything you read

Like with anything in this world, when money is involved, opportunists are everywhere. If you wish to check and explore new live casinos, you will probably visit player’s forums to see what they have to say. However, some of these ‘players’ are just paid to promote certain platforms, while some have the task of trashing the competition. Therefore, do not believe everything you read on these forums. 

Forget about counting cards 

If you have the skill to count cards, you have probably spent a lot of time at the blackjack table. However, when it comes to online casinos, this set of skills is rather useless. Let’s start from the beginning. Nowadays a lot of casinos offer the option to play card games with real live dealers and actual decks of cards. While counting cards is the best way to be a long-term winner in an offline casino, this set of skills is only viable if the deck doesn’t get shuffled on every hand. When you are playing regular online blackjack, the random number generator starts with a shuffled deck of cards each time. However, even live dealers shuffle after every hand using automatic shuffling machines.

Sometimes it is better not to take advantage of the casino bonus

If you are new in this online gambling world, you are probably wondering why all those casinos are just giving away free money to the players. It doesn’t make sense, right? First of all, competition among online casinos is fierce. There are thousands of these sites online, and they all want their piece of cake. They have to lure in new clients in some way, and the illusion of receiving free money to gamble is their best strategy. Second of all, all those bonuses come with a specific set of terms and conditions. Online casinos never want to be on the losing side, so they have come up with some rules that don’t allow anyone to take advantage of them. Therefore, you cannot just collect your bonus, play one game and then withdraw your money. Instead, you have to play a specific number of games, invest 12 times or 15 times your deposit plus bonus, and you cannot wager on games with a low house edge. Of course you can still end up with a pretty sum on your account when using a casino bonus if you are really lucky. Mostly, a bonus doesn’t give you better odds of walking away as a winner and it certainly doesn’t award you with free money. 

Hopefully, learning these facts will improve your online gambling experience.