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4 Online Gaming Safety Tips

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Do you want to kill time? Or are you the type of person who enjoys playing an endless fantasy realm for hours? Either way, who does not like online gaming? The world has been taken by it in a storm – from Final Fantasy XIV to Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail! Here’s a reminder: Remember that you shouldn’t lower your cybersecurity defenses because you’re racking up points. 

What do you need to stay safe online with a joystick or angry bird in your hand, though? The most basic would be to start with your passwords. Strong and confusing passwords go a long way toward ensuring your safety. In addition, you need to keep your software updated. 

More of them are: 

Strong Passwords

Smart people and winners? They make using long, complex, unique passwords a point and a habit. Moreover, the passwords that have big values and are considered the strongest are the passwords that contain twelve (12) characters. They also include letters, numbers, and symbols.

The password should be challenging to figure out. They should also be challenging to recognize as a word or phrase. Sounds hard? It might, in theory, but if you continue doing it, your accounts will be safer! Another unwritten rule of thumb for passwords is to have a unique password for every online account. Sounds troublesome, as Shikamaru Nara from Naruto would have it? Unfortunately, that means gaining something in exchange for something troublesome.

Then, a good suggestion to negate it would be using password managers. Several smartphones and web browsers have password managers as their features. With password managers, thinking of a smart and strong password can be cake! 

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Automatic Updates

Another wise recommendation is to keep your hardware and software updated. No need to check the Settings tab every morning; you can just set it up to automatic updates so that the updates are installed as soon as possible. 

On the downside, you have to restart your device so that the updates can install fully. If there is a software update, you should do this immediately. However, you have the freedom to schedule this at times when you are not using the computer. Good choices are in the middle of the night or the early afternoon! 

Inconspicuous Usernames

Let’s be real: we find ourselves playing with people we are not familiar with. They might be living in the same country as you. Sometimes, we meet people oceans and continents away from us. It can be fun playing with someone else. However, they do not need your real name or other personal information. What they need to take away from you is that you’re a great gamer or your skill at the game. 

Try using an anonymous username that doesn’t give away personal information from you, like AlbedoFan99 or DisguisedGamer99.  

Check Your Settings

Lastly, check your settings – especially in the security and privacy tabs. Adjust and configure them to the level of comfort you want; several game producers default to the least secure settings, so you need to check them. 

Wrapping Up

Overall, be careful about your settings and the kind of information you give online. There is a fine line between harmless gaming and outright doxxing yourself. Happy gaming!