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4 Steps to Maximize YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube has grown from just another video sharing platform to one of the leading brands and products advertising platform. Studies have shown that YouTube’s traffic per year exceeds that of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined, making it the ultimate destination for marketers.

Due to the high competition on this platform, success comes after hard work. Creating a few videos and waiting to see your business take off will remain a mirage unless you get out of your way and do what others aren’t doing. The ability to create content that can go viral is the secret to YouTube marketing success. However, there many other tips that can make you a successful YouTube marketer, as we shall see in this post.

1. Research your content well
Getting into YouTube marketing is not just about creating a YouTube account. There is more to that if success is what you are looking for. And come to think of it, why would you start a YouTube channel for your brand if you don’t want to succeed?

Researching your niche well is the starting point for success. You need to create time to research what others in the same field are doing. If your business deals with fashion, for example, then you have to know what other YouTube marketers in the fashion industry are doing. This way, you can be able to know where there are gaps, and thus capitalize on them.

2. Have compelling video titles
Video marketing, just like any other online marketing, depends heavily on clicks. This means that even if you have the best videos on YouTube, but no one clicks on them, then you will achieve nothing.

Creating eye-catching titles is a process that starts with knowing which keywords to use, knowing the length of the titles, making the titles more descriptive, and so on. Let us look at how to go about ensuring your titles stand out:

• Researching keywords
Having keywords in the tile is essential not just for ranking, but they also communicate to viewers what to expect in the videos. It is, therefore vital to spend time researching which keywords you would like your video to rank for. There are many keywords research tools for YouTube that you can find online for free.

• Make them short
Having short YouTube video titles can be the only difference between your work and that of your competitors. The length matters in the sense that it helps YouTube crawlers pick on your video and rank it faster. At the same time, clear, concise, and short titles tell viewers what the video is about. This way, the chances of them clicking on it are high. Ideally, a good YouTube video should not be over 60 characters. This length enables viewers to see the whole title at a glance.

• Should be clear and descriptive
Research has shown that YouTube videos with descriptive titles get more clicks and views as compared to those whose titles are not descriptive. As a YouTube marketer, it should be your work to help viewers know what your video is about. Don’t let them spend time figuring out what the video is about, as this will make them move to other videos quickly.

3. Plan on how to get more viewers
Getting more and more viewers for your videos is a matter of common sense, otherwise what will be the reason for you to start a YouTube channel in the first place? Video viewership is so critical for any YouTube marketing strategy. In the end, it is the number of views that your videos get that will count.

Focusing on SEO is one way of getting organic traffic to your videos. This involves writing catchy and short titles, optimizing the thumbnails for search engines as well as encouraging viewers to like and comment. You can also buy YouTube views on Social Boss. This should be the case if your YouTube channel is still young, and thus need some investment for it to grow organically.

You can also get more views by asking your friends and relatives to recommend people in their circles. This is an efficient tactic, especially if your friends and relatives have a lot of subscribers on their profiles.

4. Cross-promote your content
Cross-promoting your content is the surest way of getting more views on YouTube. Think of the number of people that see your posts on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. You can leverage these channels to increase the viewership of your videos.

To start with, you need to post high-quality videos on your channel, and then share the link on other platforms. You can simply request your followers on other social media platforms to visit your channel to watch your videos.

Other than other social media platforms, you can cross-promote by writing people emails and incorporating a link in the mail. For example, you can write a list of your most favorite videos, then send them as a newsletter to your subscribers. Most of those you send to will actually want to watch the videos.