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4 Things You Must Know About CBD Dog Treats

If you have been following the Cannabidiol industry for a while, then you are probably already familiar with the fact that people are now making CBD products for animals. After the safety of the compound has been thoroughly inspected and determined, health and wellness experts have decided that it is time to let our pets in on the secret wonders of Cannabidiol. In other words, they have decided to help our animals enjoy the benefits of this compound as well. They have started with making oils and this is what a veterinarian has to say about CBD oil.

Surprise, surprise, they didn’t stop with the oils. Instead, they proceeded to making some more versatile choices which is why our dogs can now enjoy CBD treats made specifically for their consumption. I know that this all sounds rather interesting to you, but I also know that you aren’t actually ready to give these products to your pets before learning more about them and before figuring out for yourself whether your canines should actually consume them or not.

Every single responsible pet owner will do his or her best to get properly acquainted with the actual products that they are thinking of buying for their animals. So, why not do the same for CBD treats? If you keep on reading, you will find out at least some of the things that you absolutely need to know about CBD treats, so I suggest you get your learning process started right away by checking out those important facts below.

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They Aren’t Intoxicating

Does it really surprise you that we are starting with this particular fact? I can’t tell if you are one of them, but a lot of people are worried about the intoxicating effects of Cannabidiol and that’s exactly what’s preventing them from getting these amazing products for their dogs. There is, however, a simple reason why you shouldn’t be worries about the intoxicating effects. Here it is. According to dogperday, there are no intoxicating effects.

Yes, you have heard that right. The products such as those you can see at which are made for animals are all created using hemp, which contains an incredibly low amount of THC, meaning that it isn’t intoxicating or psychedelic. On top of it all, Cannabidiol itself cannot produce any intoxicating sensations, since it simply doesn’t have those kinds of properties. That’s a job for THC and there’s no THC in pet products.

They Are Supplements

Now that we have cleared the air on the intoxicating effects, or better yet, on the lack thereof, it’s time for you to learn what CBD treats actually are. You might have heard a few things about how people use these as medicines and I’m not going to argue against the effectiveness of doing that. But, we will get to that a bit later.

First things first, you need to know that these products are primarily regarded as supplements. Why does that matter, though? Why is it important whether people are calling them supplements or medicines? That won’t change the composition of the products, or their effects, am I right? Well, you’re definitely right, but here’s why it is important to know that these serve as supplements.

For starters, this shows that CBD treats can be given to healthy pets, since they aren’t designed only to treat certain illnesses. Owners give them to their healthy dogs all the time, so as to take care of their general health, regulate their appetite and take care of their metabolism. Here’s the second reason. Since these aren’t drugs per se, it means that you should always consult a veterinarian if your dog is ill, instead of simply relying on CBD treats. Sure, they can be of huge help, but a veterinarian is still the expert on canine diseases.

They Can Treat Certain Illnesses

I have mentioned above that you should always consult a vet if you suspect that your dog is ill and I certainly stand by that statement. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should immediately dismiss Cannabidiol as ineffective for treating certain illnesses because it is, in fact, extremely effective. Just like you need to learn how to care for your dog’s basic needs, you also need to learn what to do in case it gets sick for one reason or another.

Among other things, you should definitely learn how to use CBD in situations like those. The truth is that it can help ease pain, reduce nausea and treat a wide variety of other symptoms that can arise from specific illnesses. Additionally, it can help treat arthritis, anxiety, epilepsy, and there is even evidence that this compound can be of extreme help when it comes to fighting and winning cancer. So, while you should certainly visit a vet when you notice your canine developing certain symptoms, you might also want to have a bag of CBD treats at hand, because those can definitely help you treat certain illnesses.

They Are Delicious

When you first get a dog, you begin understanding all the talk about how difficult it is to give them a pill or something healthy to eat. These little devils are ready to refuse everything that’s healthy for them in an instant. Yet, they definitely won’t do that when CBD treats are in question because these are created with taste in mind, meaning that your canines will find them rather delicious.