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4 Tips on How to Choose an Online Casino

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Choosing an online casino to have some fun gambling can be a daunting process. The reason is simple. Due to the increasing popularity of online gambling in the last decade, the number of online casinos is skyrocketing.

Apart from online-only casinos, many traditional casino operators are expanding into cyberspace and establishing their presence. In principle, having a choice is great, but too many choices can be a problem, especially if you just want to play a few hands of poker or spin slots for a while with an overview of casinos with the best payouts on gamblingguy.

So many choices make choosing an online casino frustrating, especially for new players, since all of them look the same at first glance to inexperienced eyes. Here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice.

Check The Reviews

The second step in our process of narrowing down your best choices for an online casino is checking the reviews. There are several sites out there that specialize in online casino reviews.  According to an online casino specialist Kelvin Jones: “Casino reviews are extremely popular in South Africa because people are always on the lookout for the best casino information, coupon codes and bonuses. You can visit Playcasino to learn more about all of that, and, of course, see it all in action.”

The best thing about these sites is that all reviews are user-made and usually represent people’s experiences while playing at the online casinos in question. This way you can make sure you are picking among the best online casinos in South Africa. 

Check The Credentials

The first thing you need to do is check the credentials of any site you plan on giving your money and sensitive information, online casinos included.

For older and more established sites, like African Grand Casino,, Yeti Casino, Europa Casino and Mansion Casino this isn’t a big deal, but risking it with some of the newcomers to the market is simply not worth it. Every online casino must display its license and should be easily accessible.

Check the details, like which regulating body has issued it, expiration date, and whether it was renewed recently. Also, make sure that the web address in the license is the same as the one in your browser.

At first sight of any discrepancies, get out of there. Don’t worry; it isn’t the end of the world, and you won’t miss out on anything. A good thing about having too many choices is that there is always another online casino you can try.

Check The Bonuses

In the face of ever-increasing competition, online casinos had to find a way to keep old and attract new players. The best they could come up with is bonuses. They come in many shapes and forms and differ wildly between various casinos. Some of the most common ones are a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free spins, and many others. Welcome bonus, also known as a signup bonus, is given to new players when they make an account.

A welcome bonus is usually modest, intended to let newcomers familiarize themselves with games they can play in the casino. Sometimes they are a part of a much bigger welcome package for new players. A deposit bonus is available to players when making their first deposit.

Many casinos match what players deposit, so it is often called a matching bonus. Some casinos do not limit deposit bonuses and give them every time players make a deposit, to reward their loyalty. Free spins are bonuses offered for a specific game or type of game. They are usually given as a part of a promo campaign when a casino is promoting new games.

Check The Payment Options

Payment options are a very important part of vetting a new casino. You want as many as possible, both for depositing and withdrawing money. The standard payment options include bank transfers and credit or debit cards transfers. You can also use online wallets, but not all support online casino payments, so make sure to check which ones do.

Recently, many online casinos have started accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as valid forms of payments. There are even bitcoin online casinos, which accept only digital coins. Fiat currencies can’t be used at all. Considering the crypto market’s direction, we can safely assume that the number of such online casinos will only grow in the future and perhaps even become a norm.