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How to Win a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

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When you know you’ve been wrongfully fired, pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit can be an intense experience. Will you win? If so, what kind of compensation can you expect to receive? Some people have won $10 million in compensation. Even if your case isn’t worth millions, you might be entitled to more compensation than you think.

If you’re trying to win a wrongful termination lawsuit, your attorney will handle everything for you. However, you’ll still need to support your attorney to win your case. How can you improve your chance of winning? Here are some tips that will support an ideal case outcome.

  1. Gather all of your evidence in detail

Your case is only as strong as your evidence. Gather as much evidence as you can get, including:

  • Your timecards or other time records.
  • Emails, memos, text messages, and voice messages from your boss or coworkers that might be relevant.
  • Documented details regarding any incidents that occurred with your boss or coworkers that are related to your termination and/or discrimination.
  • Your notes about conversations you’ve had with your boss or coworkers.
  • Any additional notes you need to take that you haven’t already written down.

If there were any witnesses to incidents of discrimination or retaliation that are related to your case, try to get those people to write you a statement about what they witnessed. Also, ask if they’d be willing to testify in court if needed. Some people won’t testify, but will provide a written statement. If someone is willing to be your witness in court, get their contact information so you can contact them when needed.

  1. Contact a wrongful termination lawyer

It’s not impossible to win a wrongful termination lawsuit without an attorney, but it’s not easy. Also, winning your case without a lawyer won’t guarantee you’ll win the amount of compensation you deserve. Only around 30% of people win compensation without a lawyer.

Don’t hesitate to get a consultation with an attorney because that will be your only chance at winning adequate compensation. Don’t count on a jury trial because most lawsuits settle out of court. You can refuse to settle, but going to trial is more expensive and time-consuming. If you want your case to be completed quickly, you’ll need an attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

It’s not easy to negotiate a settlement on your own, even when you have strong negotiation skills. Negotiating is different in a legal setting, and you’re going to be nervous. Also, you won’t have a clue what your case is actually worth without an attorney. You could ask for an amount that is too high and get nowhere, or you might ask for a low amount and get talked down even further.

  1. Be patient

Next to having a strong case, patience is a big key to winning any lawsuit. Sometimes cases can take a while to settle, but don’t be too anxious to take a settlement offer lower than what you deserve just to get it over with.

Also, try not to put pressure on your attorney to settle faster than how things are already going. If they’re pressured to settle too soon, you’ll end up getting far less compensation than what you should be getting.

Let your attorney handle all of the negotiations in their own time. It’s not a simple process and they will need to conduct a few rounds of negotiations to come to an agreement for your settlement.

  1. Take your lawyer’s advice

You hired an attorney because they know the law better than you. They also know their way around a courtroom and have experience with cases just like yours. It’s important that you take your lawyer’s advice because they know all of the potentials that you can’t see. For instance, they might advise you to accept a settlement offer that you feel is too low.

When your attorney advises you to accept an offer, it’s best to listen to them. They might know things about your case that you can’t possibly know that will impact you negatively during a trial. If you reject too many settlement offers, the other party might withdraw all offers and you’ll go straight to trial.

Let your lawyer win your case

These are all things you can do to support your attorney in winning your wrongful termination case. However, letting them do all the hard work is ultimately the best way to increase your chance of winning.