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4 Top-Rated Online Fortune Telling Websites in 2021

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There is always some kind of uncertainty revolving around us –much more than before. During the difficult times of COVID, everything in our life, right from our economy to finances, health, and even relationships, stays uncertain.

With a hope to get control over our health and lives, many people are looking for services of fortune telling online. No matter whether you are facing job issues, troubles in a relationship, or worries of the future, experienced live fortune-telling will provide you with accurate information that you want to make well-informed and smart choices. They will tell you certain things that you do not know, provide a different viewpoint, and help you make the right adjustments to solve various difficulties that you are facing. So, the key is getting the online fortune telling from the experienced and trained reader a brief guide is available on heraldnet. You can also check out Intuitive Souls

1. Oranum

Oranum’s website stands out among various other online fortune telling platforms out there. Its primary focus is on broadcasting and video chats. While looking for insights, often people prefer the local fortune tellers as they trust personal contact more than chatting. That is exactly what you will get when you visit Oranum. There’re Video Call, Private Chat, and even Voice Call at your disposal. Also, the cost for each service will be set up by a specialist. Suppose you are the newbie on this platform, you will get over 10,000 coins just to test this before you invest your money.

The entire concept of an online fortune reader on Oranum generally revolves around psychics’ personalities. This website offers you a better chance to get acquainted with the fortune readers: check out their stories and video content that they post (paid and free). 

2. Ask Now

Ask Now is offering answers to many different users through live chat and phone since 2004. For the new users, this platform provides 30-minute fortune telling for just $1 per minute. You can get 5 free minutes with their master psychics. The free minutes will be valid for one year that means you do not need to use them at once. You may go through various psychics’ profiles, check out their bio, expertise, and qualifications and find the best one. Whereas their experts generally provide psychic readings via phone, you will get guidance and advice on your relationships, love life, numerology, and past life through live chat.

3. Keen

When you’re looking for a fortune-teller reading service online that makes use of astrology, then Keen has got some experts with great subspecialties. Besides, they have many readers that specialize in Mayan, Chinese, and Vedic astrology, and dozen readers who will provide you with general readings.

Keen psychics offers a wide range of the fortune-telling and reading services, which includes phone and chat readings, and readings that are delivered straight to your inbox. There’re more than 1,700 fortune tellers within 24 categories, thus no matter whether you’re searching for tarot readers, love psychics, or pet psychics, you can find the best one for you.

  • Get 3 minutes readings free
  • Users′ feedback on each fortune teller
  • Monthly & yearly horoscopes

4. Kasamba

Kasamba was established in 1999, and today it has become the top fortune-telling site. On this platform, fortune tellers of various specialties are skilled to help you with proper guidance in life. Some of their readings include rune casting, aura readings, pet psychics, cartomancy, numerology, past life readings, dream analysis, occult, and much more. Doesn’t matter what you are searching for, career outlooks, or love fortune-telling, definitely you will find the best psychic. With this website, you will forget about finding another fortune telling website.

  • Get 3 minutes free & 50% off on your first session
  • Get email readings
  • Horoscopes available