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5 Advantages of Cross-Platform Development

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In recent years, cross-platform development has taken the mobile industry by storm, which should come as no surprise. After all, this groundbreaking solution brings so many major benefits for businesses. Want to discover how cross-platform app development can benefit your digital product? Dive in and learn more about the main advantages of this solution!

Cross-platform apps – benefits for your business

1. Cost-effectiveness

Let’s start with the most apparent advantage of cross-platform apps over developing separate apps for Android or iOS. Just imagine: when developing your mobile app with cross-platform frameworks such as React Native or Flutter, you don’t need to hire as many specialists who will take care of each platform separately. In the long run, you will notice that you will effectively decrease the development costs when you don’t need to hire two independent teams for iOS and Android.

2. Fast time-to-market

Since you don’t need to write separate code for iOS and Android, you decrease time-to-market. According to research2guidance, cross-platform developers save up to 30% of their time on building an app. What does it mean for your business? You will be able to test and fix bugs on the go, which will speed up the process of launching the app. 

3. Increased market reach

Currently, both Android and iOS rule the mobile industry, covering 72.83% and 26.35% of the total mobile operating system market share respectively. So you will certainly want to have an application that works equally well on both of them. After all, if you don’t want to miss any opportunities, you can’t avoid these two platforms. With cross-platform development, you won’t need to make a choice between iOS and Android as your mobile app will. That way, you will reach a significantly wider audience and boost your sales. 

4. Easy to maintain

Many people think that releasing an app means that the work of development teams is finished. Actually, they couldn’t be more wrong. You need to keep in mind that the mobile industry is evolving at break-neck speed, and after some time your mobile app will need to be updated or improved. When it comes to cross-platform apps, ​​maintainability is so much easier and cost-effective, since you won’t need to take care of two separate codebases. 

5. Stable interface

Last but not least. Cross-platform development supports the maintenance of a stable interface on all platforms. What does this mean in practice? If you build your mobile app with, let’s say, React Native, it will successfully render the app interface with the help of native solutions. As a result, the UI performance will not be any worse than native apps.


Cross-platform apps are the wave of the future. More and more startups and enterprises are shifting towards building their mobile applications in one codebase instead of creating separate codes for both iOS and Android. So, if you want to reach a much wider audience and reduce development costs, then cross-platform development is the perfect solution for you!