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The 5 most baffling moves of the 2016 upfronts

The parties are over, but the head-scratching has just begun

From Campaign US: The parties, the presentations and the executive boasting we collectively call The Upfronts are officially behind us once again. As always, there were some smart broadcast decisions — like CBS scheduling new drama “Bull,” about the early life of Dr. Phil, after “NCIS,” the show from which it stole actor Michael Weatherly — and some real head-scratchers. As the deal-making gets underway, let’s take a look at the five most baffling programming moves from the 2016 announcements. Feel free to tell me what I missed or got wrong in the comments.

1. Not pairing “Empire” with “Star” (Fox)
Yes, I know. Sometimes you’re better off leaving a show where viewers are used to seeing it. But when you are the No. 4 network riddled with low-rated returning series, why not put your one big hit to better use? Specifically, if you’re Fox, why not move “Empire” into the Wednesday 8 p.m. hour as the lead-in to “Star,” the new drama from “Empire” creator Lee Daniels? Instead, “Star” will air during the dead zone between the two half-seasons of “Empire.” Fox should know by now that putting a series on a three-month hiatus is risky, and far from a guarantee that people will use the down time to check out a new series.

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